7 Best Dog Breeds for College Students


Student life is, for most of us, one of the best periods of our life when we make memories and friendships that we'll never forget. But sometimes student life can be stressful, exhausting, and even lonely. 

Some students come from entirely different environments and cultures, so adapting isn’t easy when you have no one besides you. 

That’s why I consider that every student should have a loyal furry friend with them. A dog doesn’t mean one more responsibility on your head for a student. A dog means having unconditional love, the best source to release all the stress and negativity, and having a loyal friend that will always appreciate your presence.

As well, a dog will take you out for a fresh breath of air during your study breaks. A dog will help you clear your mind from all your worries. A dog will make your life complete and worth living even when everything proves you otherwise.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll present our top 7 best dog breeds for college students.

1.      Pomeranian

 Pomeranians, besides being one of the cutest, adorable, and fluffy dog breeds, they also make the best breed for college students. Many dog breeds have separation anxiety whenever their owner leaves the house.

Pomeranians don’t suffer from separation anxiety, and that’s why they’re so great for you – a student who is gone most of the time. Not to mention that they usually enjoy their company and playing with toys alone.

Their fur will require some special attention and brushing because knots can easily lead to a skin infection.

2.    Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is an amiable and affectionate breed that would make the best companionship for every student. They're particularly the right breed for a college student because of their small size, and they aren’t dependent on your attention. They do just fine on their own and still love you madly when you’re at home.

As well, a big perk is that Shih Tzu doesn’t require long walks in the park. While they have the energy to play around, they can consume it happily at home with their toys.

As the breed mentioned above, Shih Tzu also requires special attention for their fur now and then, but it will be a pleasure for both of you to have a beauty session every once or twice a month.

3.    Whippet

Whippet is probably the dream dog breed for a college student. They have a short coat which doesn't require any grooming. They are cute and small. And, most important, they don't need long walks in the park as they consume their energy very fast.

As well, Whippet is a loving and very obedient breed, so you can rest assured that they won’t cause you any trouble. As one of my friends who works part-time at NSBroker says, “they are usually very friendly, so if you have a roommate, he will share his affection with him too”.

If you’re concerned about barking, you should know that they are quite quiet when it comes to barking so that he won’t disturb your neighbors.

4.    Bolognese

Some dogs don’t like change, especially and environment change, so if you are traveling home at weekends, the Bolognese breed can adjust to any environment with no problem.

As well, Bolognese is also well known for their excellent health, which means that you won't see the vet too often. Of course, a yearly visit is still required for vaccines and to assure that everything is alright. 

5.     Labrador Retriever

Labrador’s are probably the best breed for numerous circumstances as they're a brilliant breed. Therefore, they will make the best option for college students too. They adapt quickly to a new environment, and they don’t have a lot of energy, so that the walks won’t take you long.

But most importantly, they make a loving and loyal friend that will make your life happier with their presence.

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6.    Shiba Inu

We all know that student’s barely have time for themselves sometimes, so, if they decide to have a furry friend, their time will be minimal. Therefore, Shiba Inu would be the best breed for them as they don’t require a lot of physical activity so that they won't need so much of your time.

The only issue you might face with this breed would be the barking problem, especially the howling at the moon. You might get lucky and not have this problem, but this breed is well known for howling at the moon.

7.     French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are amongst the most popular breeds today as they are adorable and have a fantastic personality. But they're also an excellent choice for college students as they don't require long walks in the park and hours of playing with other dogs.

Their size is also perfect for student’s small bedrooms. The only inconvenient with this lovely breed would be the snoring. But if you don’t mind, then there’s absolutely no reason why not to choose them.


A dog can be your best friend, a sweet escape from your stressful student life, and the reason to take a relaxing walk in the park. But a dog can also be your assignment helper in terms of great excuses – “my dog ate my assignment.”

Anyway, there are more suitable breeds for a student, but the ones mentioned above are the best. Of course, every dog has a different personality, regardless of the breed, but if you want to make sure that your furry friend won’t suffer in your absence, these seven breeds are amongst the best.

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