6 Tips for Leaving Your Pet While You're Away on Vacation

Your pet is your close friend, and you do many activities together. When going on a vacation where you cannot carry your pet with you, you will want to ensure it remains safe and comfortable. There are various tips for leaving your pet while you are away on vacation.

1. Find a Sitter

Just like a baby needs a babysitter, your pet will need a reliable sitter when you are away. To be sure your pet is safe, you will need someone to check on it every hour. You can get a friend, family member, or neighbor to check on your pet when you are on vacation. Ensure your pet is familiar with the sitter before leaving for vacation. Knowing that your pet is safe will keep you at ease as you enjoy your vacation. With a reliable sitter, you can always call home and know how your pet is doing.

2. Provide Care Instructions

Regardless of who the caregiver is, you will need to leave behind detailed care instructions for your pet. With the instructions, you will not have to deal with cases of confusion or mishandling of your pet. Your care instructions should include:

  • Feeding time and the amount of food that your pet eats
  • When your pet should be given medicine, the amount of medicine, and the method of administering the medicine
  • Forms of exercise to engage your pet in and how often they should exercise
  • Emergency contact, including the vet's contact
  • Any other important details about your pet's behavior

It would be best if your pet sitter came over before you leave for your vacation so that you take them through the instructions.

3. Provide Comfort Items

When your pet is used to hanging around you, it will miss you when you are away. Your pet knows your scent, and when you leave it with comfort items that have your scent, the pet will feel less lonely. You can leave your old shirt or used blanket on your pet's bed so that your pet can smell you as it sleeps. You can leave your pet with additional comfort items like toys to keep your pet engaged. The comfort items will not heal your pet from your absence, but they will cause distraction and make it feel less lonely.

4. Update ID Tag

When you are away, your pet might attempt to run away from home while trying to find you. Ensure your pet has an ID tag that is up to date. The ID tag should contain your address and contact details, just in case the pet escapes, and someone finds it. Also, the ID tag should have information concerning your pet's health and behavior. With technology, you can have an ID tag that contains a QR code. With the QR code, you can update the ID information online, and whoever finds the pet will scan the code and get all the needed information. With a good sitter, your pet might not escape, but it is vital to have the ID tag just in case.

5. Keep Goodbyes Short

The idea of leaving your pet behind might be disturbing, and you might want to embrace it for long before you leave. However, long goodbyes will make your pet suspect that you are leaving, and it will become anxious. Make the goodbye as short as the normal goodbyes when leaving for the grocery store. Saying goodbye will be hard on you than on your pet, but you need to relax and trust that your pet will be safe when you are away on vacation. When the vacation is over, you will be back, and you can embrace your pet as long as you want.

6. Call Home

Checking up on your pet is vital. While you are away, call the sitter and ask how your pet is doing. If possible, make video calls in order to see your pet. Since you are used to your pet, you can tell if it is okay when you see it on the video call. Alternatively, you can install a security camera system and link it to your phone. With that, you can keep an eye on your pet while keeping your house safe and secure. Knowing that your pet is safe and comfortable will make you relaxed, and you will enjoy your vacation.

Closing Thoughts

Leaving your pet behind will be hard for both of you. However, with detailed instructions and a good sitter, your pet will be safe and comfortable in your absence. Ensure you get a pet sitter, and make them familiar to your pet before leaving for vacation.

About the Author:

Tracie Johnson is a New Jersey native and an alum of Penn State University. Tracie is passionate about writing, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle. She feels happiest when around a campfire surrounded by friends, family, and her Dachshund named Rufus.

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