5 Pet Safety Concerns You Need to Know About


We all love our pets, but sometimes we need to do a little more research on how to keep them safe (such as dogs in summertime, for example). But unbeknownst to us, some products or objects we have around our homes can be harmful to our animals, or circumstances that could lead to some pet trouble. It’s important to stay aware of everything surrounding your pet to provide a safe environment for your furry friend.

Toxic Plants

Plants you have inside your home or planted in the backyard can actually cause harm to your pets. Even plants as common as aloe and azaleas can cause adverse effects. Some types of plants are non-toxic but will cause gastrointestinal upset, and some are toxic and can cause untimely death for your pet. The ASPCA has compiled a list of plants that can be toxic for animals that every owner should know about.

Choking Hazards & Human Food

It’s important to take note of the objects you allow to lay around your home in reach of your pets. Common choking hazards for animals that could be found inside or outside your home include children’s toys, coins, rocks, and plastic wrap. It’s important to find the correct size toy ball for your pets, as they could choke if they are too small for their breed. Many urgent vet visits could be avoided if we paid more attention to what our pets could potentially get into.

If your pet is mischievous and likes to get into the kitchen, you need to take caution of what foods you leave lying around. Consuming any type of alcohol, avocado, coffee, chocolate, or even some types of yeast dough can cause injury and illness for some animals. Side effects can range from vomiting to even kidney failure. The ASPCA has compiled a list of every human food that can be harmful to your pets.

Cleaning Products

Your pet might become curious when they smell new scents coming from products you’ve recently cleaned the house with. But ingesting these chemical products can cause serious health complications for your animals. If your pet swallows some of these cleaners, they might vomit, or worse, cause respiratory infections and severe chemical burns. Always pay attention to labels that warn to keep pets or children away from the product.


Not only can animals cause injury to themselves from touching candle flames, but the toxins released into the air when in use are detrimental to their health. Pets are more sensitive to the chemicals burning from the candle than humans are. Animal Wellness Magazine suggests avoiding candles with paraffin, lead, benzene, acrolein, toluene, and artificial scents and colors.

Human Injuries

This is perhaps not an injury to your pet, more than it is a preventative measure to prevent injuries in others and complicated procedures for you and your pet. For example, depending on how many people you have visit your home, or how many times you like to take your dog out for a walk, you want to make sure that they are safe to the general public. So, not prone to biting or scratching, because if they do give a serious enough injury to a person out on the street or someone visiting your home, they could have grounds for a personal injury claim against you.


Taking care of your pet involves research and understanding of the products and objects you have around your household that can potentially cause them harm. Everyday products like children’s toys, cleaning products, and candles can cause injury to our beloved pets. Always seek veterinary attention if your pet has gotten into something you know or believe to be hazardous to their health.


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