5 Great Family Dog Breeds and How to Choose One

There is no doubt that adding a dog to your family will fill every heart, encourage playfulness and exercise, improve your health and offer immense companionship. Choosing a dog for the family should take some careful thought to find the best fit for you and yours. There is a large variety of dog breeds out there, and each kind offers unique and attractive characteristics. Some dogs are better for city living, and others are more suited for the rustic farm life. Here are our recommendations:

How To Choose A Breed

When you're planning on getting a family dog, theAmerican Kennel Club (AKC) says there are a number of things to consider that can help you make a wise choice. Look at the following traits of a dog you would like, and research how this particular breed would bond with your family.

  • Personality
  • Energy Level
  • Good with children
  • Good with other dogs
  • Shedding
  • Grooming
  • Trainability
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Barking Level

Even a dog's life expectancy is something you should take into account. Some breeds live longer than others. Genetics and the size of the dog play a role, but also, the care of your dog and its eating habits can determine how long your pet lives.

Everyone deals with pets dying differently and you want to make sure your children are prepared for that. How to deal with the loss of a pet can be challenging for families, especially when young children are involved. The human/animal bond can be very powerful, and animal experts have come up with the best ways for coping with the loss of a family pet.

5 Great Family Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retriever

Some folks believe that this is the perfect family dog, and by the way, the Labrador Retriever happens to be the favorite pooch in the United States.

The AKC says that this dog is lovable, gets along great with kids and adults and is easy to train.

The Labrador Retriever is a medium/large dog breed. The male weighs 65-80 pounds, and the female hits the scale at 55-70 pounds.

2. Beagle

Here is another excellent choice for the family dog. The Beagle likes to move about, get plenty of exercise and satisfy its curiosity. The dog is very smart and is pals with both humans and all kinds of other canines.

The Beagle sheds seasonally and only weighs up to 30 pounds.

3. Newfoundland

This large dog is a gentle giant and makes for a fabulous family companion and excellent watchdog on the farm. The pooch is considered to be kind, sweet and easily trained. The Newfoundland dog can weigh up to 150 pounds as a male, so these canines need a lot of room to roam and play about.

These dogs only let out a bark when necessary and are admired for their loyalty.

4. French Bulldog

When it comes to a small breed dog, this one has the personality and adaptability of a dog double its size. The French Bulldog can keep in shape with daily walks, but the breed is not the most athletic pooch out there.

The dog is lovely to have around children of all ages, can be trained quickly and does not mind the company of other dogs. The canine barely barks and weighs up to 27 pounds at the most.

5. Brussels Griffon

If you're an apartment dweller and seeking an amazing family dog, consider the Brussels Griffon. This is an intelligent, small dog that is playful and enjoys letting loose now and again. As long as you let the pooch outdoors for a crisp walk to burn off some energy, the Brussels Griffon can embrace its spunky attitude.

The canine responds to training well and only barks when necessary. The dog reaches a mature height of 7 to 10 inches and a weight of 8 to 10 pounds.

Having a dog can add multiple benefits, especially when the breed is compatible with the family unit and is allowed to express its unique dog characteristics. Take your time choosing and good luck. Dogs make everything better with the wag of a tail.

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