5 Best Furniture Materials You’ll Appreciate if You’re a Pet Owner

If you're a pet owner, you probably already have an opinion about whether or not to allow dogs on your furniture. Some pet owners enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with their cats or letting their dogs nap on the living room chair.

But you don't have to sacrifice your furniture to keep your pets happy. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best furniture materials for pets. Here are some of the best.

Leather/Faux Leather

Whether you go with a high quality, full grain leather or an inexpensive grade, leather is a great choice for pet owners. If your dog is in the habit of bringing in outdoor dirt and mud, leather is hassle-free, is easy to keep clean and does a good job of resisting stains. Pet accidents can be wiped away with a damp cloth without damaging the natural texture or finish of your furniture.

Leather is known for its durability. If maintained properly, a leather sofa or chair can withstand any daily abuse your pets can dish out. Leather doesn't hold on to pet odors like other fabrics. And you don't have to worry about snags and tears from sharp claws. If your pets do scratch or scrape your furniture, you can easily buff away the marks.

Even though it's not as durable as real leather, faux leather fits the bill in terms of style, ease of cleaning and stain resistance. Also known as pleather or plastic leather, it's also a good alternative to real leather if you have smaller pets or older pets that don't claw or scratch.

Although your leather furniture will eventually show wear from everyday use, many people don't mind the unique patina and character it will develop over the years. In that case, your furniture will only benefit from suffering through a few dog naps.


Furniture made from microfiber or microsuede, which is a type of microfiber, is a popular choice for homes with pets and kids for several reasons. The hardest part will be narrowing down the style and color.

Microfiber furniture can be less expensive than leather and suede furniture, making it ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly option for pets to enjoy. Even better, look for slipcovers made from microfiber to save a few more bucks.

A synthetic material, microfiber is tightly woven making it resistant to liquids and less prone to retaining stains and smudges. Many pet owners will appreciate how easy it can be to clean up spills or pet accidents. As long as you promptly soak up any liquids, your microfiber furniture will probably not show any signs of a spill.

Dirty and muddy paws won't leave a lasting impression on your furniture. Microfiber can be vacuumed or lightly brushed to remove sand, leaves or dried mud. For stubborn or set-in stains, you can use a steam cleaner or throw slipcovers, cushion covers, and pillows in the washing machine.

Microfiber furniture is ideal if you or someone in your family has allergies. The material's tight weave blocks allergens such as pet dander.

Because of microfiber's dense texture and strong threads, the material can stand up to frequent pet use. Even the sharpest claws will have a tough time snagging or ripping microfiber.

Performance Fabrics

Fabrics designed for outdoor use are fast becoming popular options for indoor furniture and especially with pet owners. The fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit into any design style. Some fabrics can mimic the look of high-end velvet and suede furniture. The fabrics are so soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on, you may never get your dog off of the couch again.

Made from acrylic or polyester, performance fabrics are incredibly resistant to stains and water. Cleaning the fabric is a breeze with a little warm water and soap. For tougher stains, manufacturers like Sunbrella and Perennials recommend using a bleach solution. This advantage over other fabrics may come in handy for cleaning and sanitizing behind those accident-prone kittens and puppies.

Performance fabrics are known for their durability to the elements. By design, they can also stand up to shedding fur, sharp claws, and drooling mouths. And because the fabrics are impregnated with the dye, no amount of cuddling or rubbing will remove the color.


Okay so denim may not be the first fabric to come to mind when thinking about your living room furniture. But you may want to reconsider this sturdy fabric if you have pets and want to up the cozy factor during cuddle time.

Denim is right at home in a more casual room where you and your animals spend a lot of time. The material is tightly woven, making it rugged enough to withstand unravelling and punctures or tears from your pet's claws. It also creates a durable and long-lasting furniture finish.

Denim is a great fabric for repelling pet messes. Sofas, chairs and ottomans can be wiped clean with a mild soap and water. Leaves, dried mud and hair can be easily removed with a vacuum or a brush. If you're not one for daily cleaning, chose a dark colored denim to help camouflage dirt and hair.


Canvas is one of those materials you may not think of for your indoor living space but should really reconsider. The tight weave makes this rugged fabric a good choice for pet owners.

Unlike loosely woven fabrics such as linen and tweed, canvas will stay clean by preventing hair and dirt from getting trapped between the fibers. The tight weave is also good at repelling odor, so your friends won't smell your pets when they sit on your couch. That is good news for any pet owner with dogs that shed or spend a lot of time outdoors.

Canvas is a simple material to clean as well. To remove pet odors and stains, just wipe the surface clean with a little mild soap and warm water. Although the fabric is used widely on outdoor furniture, canvas is not water-resistant and you should clean pet accidents promptly to keep your furniture free of stains.

Because it is machine washable, a good alternative to buying furniture upholstered in canvas is to purchase a slipcover instead. Protect your couch, chair, or ottoman from your pet's claws, hair and messes.

Some Points To Keep In Mind

As much as you may love your pets, you can provide a loving and comfortable environment for them while still maintaining a stylish home. Your furniture is most likely one of the biggest investments you'll make in your home. You want to be able to share your favorite couch or armchair with your pets so make sure you invest in pieces that you and your pets can enjoy together. Don't forget these important points when choosing the best furniture materials for pets.

  1. Buy furniture made from stain-resistant and water-resistant fabrics.
  2. Don't be afraid to use outdoor furniture indoors.
  3. Look to material that is durable and can stand up to heavy use.
  4. Feel free to style your room with a mixture of different pet-friendly fabrics.

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