4 Ways You Can Spoil Your Pet


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Our pets are more than just furry roommates; they are our life-long companions and quickly become part of our families.  That is why it makes perfect sense that you would naturally want to give them the best life possible. But how do you do that besides more belly rubs or sneaking them scraps of food under the table? Here a couple of ways to show some extra love to your four-legged friend.

Plan for their future

Of course, it is hard to imagine your life without your pet in it, but have you ever stopped to consider what it would be like for them if you weren’t around? Our pets rely on us to keep them alive, from supplying their food and shelter, covering their medical costs, and showing them daily love and attention, caring for our pets becomes a huge part of our lives. For this reason, a responsible way to spoil your pet is to ensure that they will be taken care of financially beyond your time with them.

One way to ensure your furry friend—or any other dependents who rely on you or your income—is taken care of after you are gone, is with life insurance. It might sound silly, but life insurance coverage can actually ensure a safe future for your non-human dependents, too. There are a few different options to cover your pets with life insurance—like buying a completely separate policy just for them or setting up a trust fund with help from a lawyer—but listing them as a beneficiary on your current plan (along with a human you trust who can oversee the funds and care for your pet) is a simple and effective solution. Either way, someone has to keep giving them treats!

It’s understandable to want to protect your non-human friend (who, more often than not, feels like family) when you’re no longer here. So whether you currently have life insurance coverage or not, discussing policy options and recommendations with an expert can help you determine the best solution for protecting your pet long-term.

Gift them a quality place to lay their head

Our bed is often one of the most beloved places we spend our time, so our animals should deserve the same kind of safe-haven for their sleeping time. There are several different bedding options available for your pet, so honing in on their specific needs guarantees they will be given the best rest possible

If you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety or is alone for prolonged hours due to your work schedule, consider a snuggle bed that can offer a sense of warmth and protection while you are away. Do you have a dog that has to be crated? You can find a bed that fits their crate’s measurements, allowing for maximum comfort and transforming their crate into a peaceful space. Investing in a quality bed is a wonderful way to show your pet you care about their well-being.   

Make them part of the home (literally)

Pets can heavily affect our lives, including how our homes look. So even if you may be annoyed with the amount of hair that you're forced to vacuum on a daily basis, you can learn to cherish your pet within your house by incorporating them into your interior design

Hanging a custom pet portrait is a unique way to celebrate your fur baby and offers owners a snapshot of their personality. Customized art is also a win-win, as you get to honor your pet while sprucing up your space. A portrait can be an especially thoughtful gift idea to yourself or fellow pet-lover who has an elderly or sick animal as a way to remember them in their youth or continue seeing them in the living space even after they are gone.

Schedule a day just for them

You don’t have to wait until your pet’s birthday to have a day solely dedicated to them! With 365 days in the year, spoil them a little more frequently by setting aside time in your busy schedule to do your animal’s favorite things. Whether this includes spending the day at the park allowing your animal to socialize with its kind, taking them shopping for a brand new toy, or simply going on a car ride, your animal will thank you for it.

To achieve this goal with more structure, think about joining a club or online community that can share tips about your pet’s specific breed. If you have limited time due to other obligations, consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter to ensure they are still getting the proper exercise and attention when you aren’t able to give it to them personally.

Our pets have a significant impact on our lives and help us feel loved and appreciated every single day. By incorporating some of these tips and tricks daily, you can make sure that your fur baby feels the same way!

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