4 Ways to Make Your Pet Feel More at Home

If you’re like most pet owners, you want home to be a place that feels comfortable for both you and your pet. Whether you’re choosing personalized pet accessories or creating specific areas just for them, there are so many ways to transform your home for your furry friend. Keep reading to find out four ways to make over your space with Fido in mind!

1. Transform your current pet door with architectural elements.

If your pet or “doggie” door needs a modern update, why not upgrade it with real wood architectural door elements? Traditional pet doors often look plain and don’t blend in with the aesthetic of your interiors. This high-class dog door on Instructables can be made with wood trim, molding, and a raised door panel to mimic a large human door in their home. If you’re a DIYer, you could stain or paint the wood door and trim to match your other doors and install a doorknob for an extra fine touch! Even better, you can install a lock on the door for when the pets are in at night and when you leave the house to increase the security at your home. Your pet will love the access, and you will love how it adds a decorative touch to your home.

2. Turn unused space in your home into a pet corner.

Let’s face it—we all have those corners of our home that are either being used for old storage boxes or are just hidden (like underneath your stairs). These can easily be finished off and turned into a personalized pet corner. There are quite a few dog-friendly floor plan ideas out there for your home. Walk through your house and determine what spaces could be cleaned out and personalized with pet decor on the walls, a fluffy bed, and a basket of toys for your pet to play with anytime they please. If you have a closet below your stairwell, consider removing the door and leaving it as a cased opening. This allows for your pet to go in and out when they want. Paint the walls with a semi- to high-gloss paint for durability and put eco-friendly mats under food dishes and pet beds that can be regularly cleaned.

3. Upgrade your favorite furniture into a custom pet bed.

Have you found the perfect night table for your bedroom and want to make it multifunctional for your pet? Why not customize it for your pet to sleep on the bottom? This simple craft involves taking your favorite pet bed and putting them inside a night stand, vanity bottom, or any piece of furniture that can accommodate your pet’s size. Look at these creative ideas on Decorating your Small Space. You can save space in your home while giving your pet’s area a decorative and coordinated touch.

4. Customize your pet’s area with coordinating décor.

While your pet loves a place to call his own, it’s really you who wants their area to look like it coordinates with the rest of the house, right? Start by choosing a color palette of paint colors that will hide wear and tear and will coordinate with your furnishings. Look to wall decals, wall art and murals to transform the painted walls into a personalized space. From pet prints and nature scenes to bones and cute pet motifs, you can create walls that speak to you and your pet’s personality.

No matter what you do, your pooch will appreciate having a special spot made just for them. What are your favorite ways to help your pets feel at home? 

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