4 Things Every First-Time Pet Parent Should Do

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There’s no doubt about it: pets of all shapes and sizes are beyond adorable! These entertaining balls of fur make life so much more enjoyable, but they do require some care and attention to feel comfortable and safe. If you are thinking about becoming a pet parent for the very first time, you need to make sure you are ready to provide all of this love and attention by checking these tasks off of your to-do list.

Get Budget-Friendly Supplies

Before you go out looking for your perfect furry friend, you need to make sure your home is properly prepared. During the first few days, it’s especially important to have essentials like litter boxes, beds, bowls, and scratching posts in plain sight.

While these costs can add up, the good news is stocking up on pet supplies doesn't have to be expensive. Check out the most affordable places when shopping for pet gear. Also, when shopping at popular retailers, save money by using coupons or buying supplies like food and litter in bulk.

Pet-Proof Your Home

Before you bring your new pet home, make sure you make some preparations to welcome him safely. Remove poisonous plants like lilies and philodendron and ensure that your windows and screens are secure. If you have an office in your home, use a cord containment system so your pet can’t chew on cords. It’s also a good idea to install outlet covers to reduce the chance of electrical shock.

Schedule a Check-Up

Another task you will want to take care of either before or immediately after you bring your furry friend home is to schedule a wellness exam with a local vet. If this is your first time being a pet parent, you can ask friends and family members for recommendations to find a vet clinic that fits your needs and your budget. During that initial exam, it’s also important to pay attention to how willing your new vet is to answer questions and provide advice in addition to how your pet is treated. For instance, cats can be prone to several issues with their health, including UTIs, FIV, and even fainting spells, so keeping up with wellness exams is absolutely essential.

Create Your Forever Bond

Now that you have your home set up and have scheduled a wellness exam, it’s time to finally bring your new kitty home! As mentioned above, it can take some time for your pet to feel comfortable with you and your home. Don’t be surprised if he or she seems stressed or seems to hide from you in those initial days. Aside from providing some calming treats, there are a few other moves you can make to help your new fur kid feel more at home faster. One thing above all else is to spend time with your companion. Although you can certainly play with your new pet, sometimes spending time with them is enough to help establish that bond.

Congratulations on becoming a pet parent! You’re in for a lifetime of biscuits, purrs, snuggles, and love, but try to remember that it can take some time and care to build a bond with any new animal. Be patient, and eventually, you and your pet will be BFFs.

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