4 Creatures that Can Make Any of Your Pets Sick as a Dog

Taking care of pets is an important responsibility. Health is an important aspect of your pet’s quality of life. Some factors like indoor and outdoor conditions, food intake, and recreational activities play into keeping pets healthy. There are also other factors that are not so obvious. Other animals are one of the hidden things that can pose a threat and cause illness in pets. There are creatures that should be kept away or removed from living areas to eliminate the risk of these illnesses. Here are four different creatures that can make your pets sick.


Termite infestations should never be allowed to linger in a home. Termites don’t just pose a threat to the structural part of a residence, but they also threaten pets. When an infestation lingers and becomes great, homeowners often take drastic measures to rid their home of the infestation. Poisonous chemicals are usually involved and this has indirect consequences. The fumes it takes to rid a home of a large termite problem can cause illness in your pet. This explains why termites are an indirect danger to pets. When a termite problem is solved early, dangerous chemicals do not have to be used. Safe removal products can be used early on.


Fleas carry and pass on bacteria and infection to animals and humans. Having fleas in a home is dangerous toward many different kinds of pets. An untreated flee problem can lead to Bartonella. Bartonella is an illness that is characterized as harmful bacteria living inside of blood vessel linings. This disease causes breathing difficulties in animals. There are complications associated with this disease like fever and muscle aches. It is important to keep fleas at a minimum and remove them immediately.


Bat droppings and the parasites bats carry can be a health risk to humans and pets. Bats are known for carrying and transmitting rabies. Certain companies, like Triangle Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Inc., know that this isn’t the only way pets are endangered by the presence of bats. Bats frequent recesses in attics, barns, and other areas around living spaces that are usually unoccupied. Having them removed is crucial to keeping these creatures away from your pets. It is important to remove them as soon as possible, and to always check any of these areas for them.


Mosquito-borne illnesses can happen. It is best to have window screens to keep mosquitos away from pets and avoid standing puddles. Moist areas are attractive to mosquitos. Home spaces should be kept clean and dry to avoid the presence of mosquitos and the risk of mosquito bites. Mosquitos carry viruses that sometimes cause depression in pets and unusual aggression. Repellants are also a great way to rid home spaces of mosquito threats.

It is important to keep the quality of living spaces high for the health of pets. Removal processes and thorough examination of living areas help keep creatures away from your pets. Without these routines your pet can get sick from bites or exposure. Keeping up these practices is the key to good health for your pets.

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