4 Bathroom Additions for Pet Owners

Bathing pets might be one of the most difficult feats to accomplish, from wrangling your dirty dog, to convincing him to stay in the bathtub or shower, to making sure he doesn’t dry his squeaky clean coat on your sofa. The same can be said for cats, bunnies and other pets—bath time is no easy task!

However, the stress can be alleviated with the right bathtub and shower, helpful fixtures and finishes in the bathroom. We’ve come up with a few of our favorite ways to make bath time fun and functional.

Rub-A-Dub Tub

If you have a larger dog (or perhaps a big cat), a deeper bathtub might be your new best friend. A traditional look with fashion and function, tubs with large, deep basins are perfect for ensuring your furry friend stays put from lather to rinse to repeat.

If you have a smaller pet, consider a raised tub. Constant bending and crouching to wrangle your pet and hose him down can be tiring, especially so if you’re always slouching over a low tub. Claw foot or raised free-standing tubs are great solutions for small pets that you prefer washing at eye-level. Extra-deep bathing wells and raised tubs are also a perfect place for you, the pet owner, to soak after a long day of training and playing. A win-win situation!

Tough as Puppy Nails

Tough as Puppy Nails

Bath time can also mean consistent scratching and scraping, whether it’s your pup’s nails, kitty’s claws or your own determination to keep them in the tub. Use a material on your tub and shower that guarantees durability, safe cleaning, and a safe bathing environment is. Acrylic bath tubs and shower stalls are easy to rinse off and wipe down, and are as tough as your dog’s will to escape the bath altogether.

Handheld Help

Handheld Help

So you’ve made it past the shampoo phase and are on your way to rinsing your pooch. He’s squirmy, soapy and won’t fit under the faucet. Our solution? A handheld shower or tub faucet. Opt for lever-style metal handles that are easy to operate with free hands—or elbows, if necessary. If your pet doesn’t care for the handheld faucet, look into taller spouts that he can fit underneath safely. Choose a brushed or polished nickel finish for your faucet and bath accessories to ensure low-maintenance, fuss-free cleaning post-bath time.

Pet-Friendly Accessories

Pet-Friendly Accessories

If your pet is particularly rambunctious or nervous, consider installing a grab bar to help you stay balanced while bathing him. You can also loosely tie his harness or leash around the grab bar to keep a better handle on him during the lathering and rinsing. Other bath time accessories for pet owners could include slip-resistant bath mats, extra shelving for pet products, and walk-in assistance like stairs or low threshold doorways.

While we may not have helped to convince your furry friend that bath time isn’t all that bad, we hope we’ve convinced you to make your bathroom pet-friendly. With these tips and tricks in your back pocket, we’re positive the next bath time will be a home run. What are some of your favorite pet-washing tricks?

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