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Need a Muzzle? How to Keep Your Dog from Biting

By Hannah Whittenly on Mar 03, 2018 at 10:00 am

Need a Muzzle? How to Keep Your Dog from Biting

There are over 4.5 million people bitten by dogs in the United States annually. About 20 percent of them require medical attention. If you are a dog owner, then you need to teach your dog not to bite.

Start Early

Many people find puppies so adorable that they let them get away with almost anything. Remember that a full-grown dog will repeat the things that they learn as a pup. If the pup wants to chew on you, then tell it no firmly. Young pups learn things much faster than a dog who has been allowed to get away with a behavior for a while. It is never too early to start teaching a pup not to bite you.

Enjoy Socialization

Puppies who are socialized early seldom bite. Start by making the puppy a member of your family. Teach it that you are the leader of the pack. Take the puppy to a dog obedience class so that it knows how to act around other people and pets. Never let your puppy get away with a behavior that you do not want to see when it fully matures.

Replace the Behavior

Many dogs respond very well to replacement behavior. When the dog starts to bite you, then offer it a chew toy instead. If it tries to bite your ankles or grab your clothing, then offering it a tug-of-war toy may stop the behavior. When the dog is playing with the toy, then tell it that he is being good. You may also choose to use food treats when your dog is behaving.

Surprise the Dog

You can also teach your dog to not bite by surprising him or her when they start to do it. Place your hand near the dog’s mouth until they start to nip at you. Then, let out a high-pitched yip. Let your hand instantly go limp. Your dog will think that they have hurt you. Since you are the leader of the pack, they do not want this to disappoint you.

Work with a Trainer

If you are still having trouble getting a dog to stop biting, then you need to contact a professional dog trainer. Often, a professional can spot why a dog is biting in just a few sections. Then, they can teach the dog not to bite. Make sure that you are available during the training sessions because it may be your behavior that is causing the problem. The trainer should be able to teach you the correct way to keep your dog from biting someone when situations arise where their aggression or reaction instinct could come out.

Unfortunately, many people do not teach their dogs not to bite. If you follow suit, someone may take legal action over their dog bite. By utilizing the above tips, however, you should be able to avoid that.

Posted in Training Tips by Hannah Whittenly on Mar 03, 2018 at 10:00 am

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