Creating a Pet Escape on Your Patio

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID on Dec 07, 2016 at 5:25 pm

Creating a Pet Escape on Your Patio

Now that winter temperatures are here, it’s time to recreate your pet’s outdoor oasis to match rainy or cool-weather elements. While you’re redoing your patio space, keep your pet’s needs in mind. From napping in cozy bedding to playing fetch in the yard, making sure your pet safe and occupied in his outdoor space is crucial to a happy and healthy pup. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a pet escape on your patio.

Keeping Cool

Though we’re creeping into cooler weather, some areas—like our sunny California home—tend to stay warmer longer. If this is true for your home, it’s especially important to create a shady haven for your pet if he’ll be spending long hours outdoors. Direct sunlight plus a furry coat means a predisposition to exhaustion and overheating. Help your pet out by installing an “open-air” dog house. Different than an enclosed dog house, this style is like a small pergola for pets that lets the cool air in but keeps direct sunlight off their backs.

Staying Warm

On the other hand, if winter is already knocking on your door, keeping your pet warm should be your main priority. Help Fido stave off the shivers by giving him plenty of opportunities to keep warm with blankets, cozy corners and covered spots in the yard to protect him from winds and rainfall. Outdoor bedding is especially crucial, as it creates a familiar spot for your pet to keep cozy if he’s being temporarily kept outside. Provide plenty of wooly blankets and soft cushions for him to nest in, and make sure he has a small roof over his head in case of a little rain.

Improving Play Time

If your dog is anything like ours, he loves to play. From squeaky toys to bouncy balls, dogs and cats alike love playtime. Keep them safe in a zoned area, like a pebbled area or concrete patio, where you know they can’t dig and bury their toys or track dirt. You should also make sure that that they won’t be able to dig or squeeze under any fencing and attempt to share their favorite toys with the pets next door. We suggest keeping toys somewhere near their outdoor bedding so they will remember where their favorite tug-of-war rope is at all times.

Making Lunch Time Easy

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all favorite pastimes of every dog we’ve met. If your pup is a messy eater or will need to visit the restroom right after his meal, chances are you feed him outside. To keep him safe and mess-free, opt for individual food and water bowls tucked into containers. This creates a regulated food area and keeps your pet from dragging his bowls around. The most important thing to remember, though, is to make sure your pet always has cool, clean water. Whether summer or fall, dogs burn a lot of energy running around. Making sure they’re hydrated and refreshed helps keep them healthy and ready for the next activity planned. 

Posted in Wag Worthy by Kerrie Kelly, ASID on Dec 07, 2016 at 5:25 pm

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