Every pet deserves a warm place to sleep and you can help give them one!

Our Warm Bellies Initiative helps shelter pets one bed at a time.

Why Warm Bellies?

According to the ASPCA, 5-7 million companion pets enter shelters every year. Many of those pets were once beloved family members. We love Momo like as if she were our child, and it's this love that inspired us to help provide homeless pets with a warmer belly.

Being in a shelter can be extremely scary for pets - the unfamiliar smells, sounds and surroundings often cause anxiety and depression for a lot of animals. To help make the time spent in a shelter a little less scary, we want to give homeless pets a cozy mat they can feel safe and warm on. Just having a warm mat instead of a cold concrete floor makes a world of difference.

Featured Pets We've Helped


As an owner-surrender, JR was backward & scared to death. Once he was given his own bed, he settled in more & more each day.
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Foster Puppies

These puppies were destroying every bed we gave them until the Chill Pads arrived. They are cute, cozy, easy to pack, lightweight and durable.
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Joe was surrendered and experiencing separation anxiety. He was set-up with a Chill Pad, kept in the office to help transition him and was adopted!
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The Chill Pads provided Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento with a soft spot to cuddle up. They were easy to wash and remained in great shape.
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Want Your Shelter or Rescue Group to Be Selected for Warm Bellies?

Apply for the P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds grant in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation. We award 10 Chill Pads monthly to specific states. Check the monthly award schedule below and click 'Apply Now' for more details.

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Featured Shelters This Quarter

Animal Welfare Association of Warren County

Warrenton, Missouri

We are an all-volunteer, 501 c (3) not for profit organization, licensed by the state of Missouri. Since Warren County is still a mostly rural area, it has become a dumping ground for unwanted pets from nearby urban counties. Our main goal is to find good homes and forever families for these "disposable" pets. Read more

Habersham County Animal Shelter

Clarksville, Georgia

Our shelter provides safe haven for stray and abandoned animals, and makes every effort to find good homes for available cats and dogs. We hope County residents and non-residents will choose the adoption- option for our deserving pets, and we welcome visitors to our facility who are interested in finding a new family member. Read more

Mayfield/Graves County Animal Shelter

Mayfield, Kentucky

Our mission is to find forever homes for every dog and cat that enters our facility. Here at the Mayfield/Graves County Animal Shelter, we love each and every one of our animals. We are proud to announce that since 2012 we have been able to lower our euthanasia rate on dogs by 17.88%. Read more

To Help Give Homeless Pets Warmer Bellies

At P.L.A.Y., we are committed to helping animals in need. We believe that every pet, regardless of whether they are a celebrity pup or a cat waiting in a shelter for his forever home, deserves a warm and cozy place to sleep. To help as many homeless pets as possible, we’ve partnered with The Petfinder Foundation for our donation program; the Warm Bellies Initiative.

One bed purchased = One donated to a shelter in need

*Valid on full price purchases only.

When we created our program, we had two prerequisites for potential partners

  • First and foremost, they have to share our love for animals.
  • Secondly, their work has to help animals all around the country.

It was only natural that we wanted to partner with the Petfinder Foundation. They have been helping animals for 20+ years now - and in that time have given more than $25 million to help animal shelters and rescue groups save homeless pets!

To top it off, the Petfinder Foundation works with over 10,000 adoption groups. caring for more than 250,000 homeless pets - from cats and dogs to birds and horses - throughout North America. Whether in a small rural town or a large metropolitan city, with their network, we’ll be able to help needy pets all around the country.

Last year, working together our contributions benefited a total of 8,450 adoptable pets awarding 36 pet bed grants across the country by providing them with 380 P.L.A.Y. beds. These donations not only bring happiness to homeless pets, but they allow these adoption groups to use their funds set aside for these products in other ways to assist more animals in need.

Buy a Bed -
Give a Bed

Help keep pets’ bellies warm everywhere.

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Warm Bellies F.A.Q.

What is the Warm Bellies Initiative?

The Warm Bellies Initiative is a program created to help shelter animals in need of a warm and comfortable place to sleep. For every Lounge, Standard, Memory Foam, Pillow and Outdoor Pet Bed purchased on www.PetPlay.com (or at participating retailers)*, P.L.A.Y. will donate a Special Edition Chill Pad to The Petfinder Foundation. We will then work to distribute these mats to needy pets across the country.

*Valid on full price purchases only.

Why did you Choose to Partner with the Petfinder Foundation?

The Petfinder Foundation boasts over 20 years of service. With a mission to ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home, they have already helped provide over $25 million in grants to shelters and rescue groups around North America. With their network of 10,000 participating shelters, they will help us reach a wide variety of rescue groups across the country - helping animals in rural towns and major metropolitan cities.

How are Shelters Selected?

We have designated states within the U.S.; each month we will donate to a different set of states. The Petfinder Foundation and P.L.A.Y. will determine which shelter or rescue group will receive the donation based on need and availability.

Why Did you Start the Warm Bellies?

We created the Warm Bellies Initiative because we want to help as many homeless pets as possible! Since launching in late 2010, we have been committed to helping animals in need. We have donated to numerous charities across the country and have also auctioned off Celebrity Signature Pet Beds for the SF SPCA, but we wanted to help on a larger scale. The purpose of the Warm Bellies Initiative is to give homeless pets across the country a warmer and cozier place to sleep.

Is there a Limit to the Amount of Chill Pads?

No, there is no limit. We want to help as many pets in need as possible!

How can I submit my animal rescue organization for consideration?

You will need to fill out a grant application on The Petfinder Foundation's website. To learn more about how to apply for our P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds grant click here.

Why did you Choose to Donate a Special Edition Chill Pad?

The Special Edition Chill Pads are great for shelters because they are portable, easy to wash, and durable. Groups will be able to reuse them over and over, helping a countless number of homeless pets. To top it off, they're great for pets because they are super-soft and comfy.

How Long will the Program Run for?

The Warm Bellies Initiative will be run annually. Each year, we will reevaluate the program,  which as of now has the potential to run indefinitely!

How do you distribute your Special Edition Chill Pads?

We partner with The Petfinder Foundation to award monthly bed donations to grant recipients in the following states:

  • January:
    Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts
  • February:
    Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York
  • March:
    Pennsylvania, New Jersey
  • April:
    Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
  • May:
    North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
  • June:
    Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin
  • July:
    Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky
  • August:
    Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
  • September:
    Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming
  • October:
    Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas
  • November:
    Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada
  • December:
    Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas

Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

Pamper your pet, update your home décor and save the planet with P.L.A.Y.’s luxury and eco-friendly pet products. Our premium pet beds are not only functional, but they’re also 100% machine washable, stylish enough to look good your home & their plush filling is made from recycled plastic bottles!

From comfortable and practical pet beds, new and whimsical pet toys released yearly and the best outdoor gear to help you adventure with your furry friend, we strive to meet the needs of modern pet parents. With exclusive designs created by artists around the world, we deliver a look and feel that will leave tails wagging and wallets intact.

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