Pets We’ve Helped!

Cersie & Her Kittens

Cersie and her kittens were agitated upon entry. Once given her P.L.A.Y. bed, her restlessness ended, personality emerged and they got their first family photo!
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Litter of Puppies

The beds received allowed us to get our rescues off the cold concrete floor while they were inside our facility waiting on their forever homes.
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Thalia & Little Man

Both neglected by their owners, this duo has had it rough. They are recovering and enjoying life’s simplest pleasures; napping on their favorite Chill Pads.

Litter of Puppies

These adorable pups were found at a rest stop, cold and hungry. Awaiting medical evaluation and foster care they rested comfortably on these beds.


Tipper had a rough start in life living in an outdoor kennel. Now his days consist of belly rubs and hanging with his canine buddy.

Litter of Puppies

They are super cozy and soft, and worked really well for the newborns that seemed to know they were safe and didn’t want venture off!

Oscar & Pax

Oscar, a seven-year-old Doxie mix, claimed one instantly, but decided to share with Pax the Poodle. These pads are wonderful and the dogs love them!

Samantha & Puppies

Samantha and her puppies all took immediately to snuggling up together for a nice long nap, all clean and feeling good on their new bed.
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Chipper came from a terrible hoarding situation. This bed is his "safe spot" where he goes to snuggle in and be safe from the world.


Winston didn't have his own bed in his new foster home, so claimed his spot as soon as this bed was put on the floor!

Good Meowing

Purrfect! Even our staff was jealous of these beds, but now they know where to go to get one for their own pets!

Kitty Galore

We received the Chill Pads and they are already under little bodies!!! How many kitties can you spot?


Lulu suffers from separation anxiety and the Chill Pad made her feel very comfortable and at ease when no one was home.
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Siamese Cat

This cat has wobbler syndrome. As soon as we put the Chill Pad down, he claimed it. It's actually the only thing he will lie on!
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Senior Lab Abbie enjoys the comfort of her Chill Pad to rest her joints and sleep comfortably for the first time in a long time.
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Senior dog Casey’s Chill Pad gives her extra comfort for her old bones while she rests in her kennel awaiting her forever home.
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The smile on Lucca's face says it all; he loves his Warm Bellies bed! Plus they're super soft and easy to wash.
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Litter of Puppies 2

This litter of puppies come in with parvo and used the P.L.A.Y. pads in their kennel while they were sick and thankfully made a full recovery.
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Sweet Boy

This sweet boy came to us as a stray. As you can see, he greatly enjoyed the comfy bed he was given to sleep on before being adopted to a wonderful fur-ever home!
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Joy is just two of the many appreciative and deserving dogs who enjoyed soft P.L.A.Y. beds and loves to mellow out and chew her bones on them!
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He LOVES these beds! He often prefers them over the giant futon that the dogs have access to :) THANK YOU!
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As an owner-surrender, JR was backward & scared to death. Once he was given his own bed, he settled in more & more each day.
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Joe was surrendered and experiencing separation anxiety. He was set-up with a Chill Pad, kept in the office to help transition him and was adopted!
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Foster Puppies

These puppies were destroying every bed we gave them until the Chill Pads arrived. They are cute, cozy, easy to pack, lightweight and durable.
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The Chill Pads provided Amalfi, Capri and Sorrento with a soft spot to cuddle up. They were easy to wash and remained in great shape.
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Joey Fatone

A comfy bed is perfect for this senior boy’s sore joints. Once adopted, we’re hoping another senior dog can benefit from his bed too!
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Percy is a hospice foster. He went from being found in a box to living a life of comfort on his comfy P.L.A.Y. bed.
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Lydia first expressed open relaxation when her Chill Pad arrived! She enjoys her pad at her foster home too! THANK YOU, Petfinder Foundation and P.L.A.Y.!
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Max, a 15-year-old Pekingese, loves to relax on the mat and ease his old joints. He’s more than happy to just "chill out."
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Rescue Dogs

The beds provide a nice warm soft spot for our pups to snuggle up on to make them feel safe while in foster care.
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Shepherd Puppies

These puppies, were found abandoned, now have warm beds to sleep in. They went from living in horrible conditions to being safe, loved and comfortable.
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So Warm & Inviting

The beds have been giving our adoptable animals much-deserved comfort and security, while they wait for beds and homes of their own.
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Smiley doesn’t let his blindness stop him from enjoying his favorite activities: long walks and snuggling on P.L.A.Y.’s Chill Pads begging for belly rubs.


This very hyper Anatolian Shepherd puppy is very hard on her bedding. She seems much happier with her new P.L.A.Y. bed.
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Charlie's Weight-Loss Journey

Charlie arrived at West Valley Humane Society severely overweight and hurting from the side effects. Being able to rest on his P.L.A.Y. bed allowed him to relax during his road to shedding some pounds while waiting to find a new home.
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No Stopping Noah

Noah is senior dog who shows clear signs of his age. But he doesn’t let that stop him. Now he runs into his crate and sits down on his P.L.A.Y. bed to await his treats.
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Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

Pamper your pet, update your home décor and save the planet with P.L.A.Y.’s luxury and eco-friendly pet products. Our premium pet beds are not only functional, but they’re also 100% machine washable, stylish enough to look good your home & their plush filling is made from recycled plastic bottles!

From comfortable and practical pet beds, new and whimsical pet toys released yearly and the best outdoor gear to help you adventure with your furry friend, we strive to meet the needs of modern pet parents. With exclusive designs created by artists around the world, we deliver a look and feel that will leave tails wagging and wallets intact.

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