Build-A-Bed: The Custom Dog Bed

Save the planet and your wallet with P.L.A.Y.’s eco-friendly dog bed covers. Our Build-a-Bed and Fill-a-Bed options allow you to pick your dog bed, fill it, fluff it and watch your dog love it!

These eco-friendly, machine-washable dog bed covers allow you to customize your own dog bed. They can be bought with matching dog bed fillers, which are made from recycled plastic water bottles, or instead they can be filled with old towels, garments, memory foam, and stuffed items that would normally be destined for the garbage bin, allowing you to recycle fabrics around the home by tucking them away inside a durable surface.

These eco-friendly dog bed covers include these features:

  • Lead-free zippers
  • Even-basting stitching for longer lifespan
  • Beautiful artwork/design
  • Furniture-grade craftsmanship
  • Quality fabrics, such as sturdy denim, breathable cotton, or ultra-soft velvet, depending on the choice of cover

It's extremely important to have a good dog bed, especially one that is easy to clean and gentle on joints. A dirty area that’s difficult to sleep in will lead to unrest, stress, and pains. Dogs, especially puppies, need many hours of uninterrupted sleep. The durable, long-lasting build-a-bed system allows you to make a custom dog bed that meets your dog’s needs. They can be stuffed with the material that brings your dog the most comfort. They also happen to look great, too!

Are these dog beds machine washable?

Quite often, commercially available dog beds are not machine washable, but our Build-A-Bed covers can be zipped off and washed easily. Note that our fillers are machine-washable too!

How can I clean the dog bed?

Read up on our care instructions for cleaning and taking care of our washable dog beds. Our beds can be tossed into the washer entirely or the cover can be cleaned separately. There are a few other tips to keep in mind, like being cautious of which smells your dog might dislike in the detergent.

What is the best filling for dog beds?

Naturally, there is some debate among pet owners on which is the best filling for a washable dog bed cover. These are some of the most popular fillers:

  • Recycled clothes and bedding
  • Recycled memory foam
  • Pre-made fillers made from recycled materials, such as our PlanetFill® filler replacements made from recycled water bottles
  • Cedar shavings or natural fillers
  • Polyester fiberfill

Naturally, old tees and sweaters might not seem as the obvious choice, but they have the owners’ familiar scent, they are soft, they are washable, and they avoid clothes ending up on landfills. Depending on your dog’s age and accessibility, recycled clothes often can be the best dog bed filler.

If you have any issues with ordering your dog bed, such as finding the right size, contact us today and we’ll help find the perfect custom dog bed for your pet’s needs.

Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

Pamper your pet, update your home décor and save the planet with P.L.A.Y.’s luxury and eco-friendly pet products. Our premium pet beds are not only functional, but they’re also 100% machine washable, stylish enough to look good your home & their plush filling is made from recycled plastic bottles!

From comfortable and practical pet beds, new and whimsical pet toys released yearly and the best outdoor gear to help you adventure with your furry friend, we strive to meet the needs of modern pet parents. With exclusive designs created by artists around the world, we deliver a look and feel that will leave tails wagging and wallets intact.

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