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Your pup loves to play, and there is nothing more exciting than when treats are part of the equation! P.L.A.Y.’s Wobble Ball™ dog toy combines play time and mental stimulation to create the ultimate enrichment toy by enticing your pup’s senses. Coupled with the sound and sight of dog treats spinning inside, this interactive puzzle toy is uniquely shaped to roll around unpredictably to your fluffy friend’s delight. Simply insert your dog’s favorite treats or kibble and watch as he or she stays both mentally and physically stimulated while trying to get their paws on these tasty rewards. Your dog is sure to love this treat dispensing toy!

Santa reached out with a special request and we answered! Our Wobble Ball™ 2.0 is spreading holiday cheer with a new poinsettia-colored festive edition. Your pups are sure to add this to their Christmas lists.

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Sea Foam


One Size: 5.19" (diameter) x 5.1"
$ 18.90 $18.90

Why Wobble Ball 2.0

  • Made using tough and durable polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic
  • Certified 100% dishwasher safe
  • Designed with strong threading to allow toy to be taken apart for easy cleaning and to stay secure when in use
  • Keeps your pup mentally and physically stimulated and can also be used as a slow puzzle feeder for your dog
  • 3 cloud-shaped openings allow easy insertion and removal of treats or kibble. Sizes of openings range from 1" x 0.63" (smallest) to 1.5" x 0.88" (largest)
  • Rubber encasing around whimsical cloud-shaped openings to allow for stronger visual and added texture for both canine and human

    The Wobble Ball is not a chew or fetch toy, but a fun interactive treat dispensing toy. If your pup starts chewing on the Wobble Ball, remove the toy and set it down in a different place to restart the play cycle. The Wobble Ball is meant to be nudged, pawed and rolled around with your dog's paw and snout, and your dog's jaw should never be forced into the openings.

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Too Funny!

I have two 2 year old boxer mixes who have an overflow of energy and these keep them amused for quite a while. The female has figured out how to roll it slowly and pick up the pieces as they fall out, she is very focused, Fred is still working on it and a riot to watch him bat the ball around. He gets a treat but it takes more time with speed lol

Super Fun and Very Well Made!

Love the design of this treat dispensing toy. It's nicely balanced and easy for my mini dachshund to roll around with his nose. Provides much entertainment for both dog and human, we love watching with play with his Wobble Ball!

Great toy but too easy to get the "rings" out of the dome.

Kudos to the manufacturer for making such a cute and basically durable toy that my food-obsessed lab loves. The only downside I saw was that she tore off one of the little orange hole covers almost immediately, before she got the kibble out. Happily, she is not the kind of dog who eats things that aren't food, but if she were, I'd be waiting on that thing to come out the other end and worried about it getting stuck on the way.

Other than that, though, the toy did what it was supposed to do. Kept her busy and happy for a bit. It is not the quietest toy on wood flooring, but the noise was a good indicator to me that she was still playing with it and not getting into mischief somewhere!

Works Every Time

This is my favorite way to eat breakfast. In fact, I skip that meal unless I get to play with this toy while I eat. It’s fun, looks cool and I can roll it all over the house. Love it!

Keeps Our Puppy Entertained

We LOVE this ball! It keeps our ornery, feisty Silver Lab puppy entertained for 20 mins at a time. Make sure you put treats in the bottom and the top so it makes more sound.


My mommy bought me this toy because she and my dad want me to eat my food slower. Rather than inhaling all of my dry food, I really have to work hard to get my dinner from the wobble ball. They say I seem smarter and more stimulated now that I've had to wobble my breakfast and dinner!

Dogs love it

This is a great toy to keep my 2 dogs entertained. It's a very cute dog also. It has holes of varying sizes so I put different sized treats in there I would say it keeps them busy for about 30-40 mins which is pretty good especially considering I have a mini Aussie cat and a papillon, 2 breeds that usually can very easily get treats out of these type of toys. I recommend it.


I have 3 dogs, 2 of whom LOVE this toy! The shitszu will continuously push and toss it down the stairs, and it has yet to break. Great quality product.

Totally entertains my energetic dogs!

I was skeptical about this toy being enough to keep my dogs entertained. Both of my dogs love to play, but they've lost interest in other toys very quickly. That's not the case with the wobble ball, which keeps them endlessly busy. It can fit quite a few treats inside, so the dogs stay focused on getting those treats, rolling the ball around, for long periods of time. Fortunately, it's also super sturdy!! This was worth the price, and it's definitely worth the entertainment value (for me, too, as I love to watch them play with it!).

Wobble Ball

My german pointer loves the wobble ball. It has been a lifesaver in those times that he seems bored and needs something to do. It is very sturdy and I think it will last a long time.

Playtime lasts longer for clever dogs!

This toy is designed really well. One of my Labs is very good at emptying treat dispensing toys and uses her own special technique of banging them against a corner wall so the treats pop out. Her technique might be smart because it uses little effort, but the goal with treat dispensing toys is to make playtime last. The Wobble Ball's design makes it much more difficult for her to cheat. The location of the holes at the top makes it so she HAS to push it around with her nose. The holes are varying sizes which adds difficulty and the shape of the Wobble Ball makes it so she can't pick it up take it to the corner, and the obstacles inside the ball are not just cute but great at blocking the treats from simply falling out too fast. Its so satisfying to watch her work out how to get the treats and get exercise at the same time. Love it!

Great concept

Great toy, concept and design. Colours are cool too. The only thing is our french bulldog is not the most keen about this due to its size. A variety of sizes would have been great.

Love It!

This keeps our very active dog busy for quite a while. Most of her meals are fed in this. She loves it!

Great toy!

Our little puppy is at her teething stage and is biting just about anything and everything. We bought this to work as a distraction for her when we have to get things done. She absolutely loves it! I love seeing her try and get the treats too. Great stimulation and distraction for my pup.

Hours of fun!

Just brought home my new 8 week puppy and he is a ball of energy and loves to run around the house. He is very motivated by treats and food. We put a few kibbles mixed with 1-2 treats and he plays for hours. Even when it's empty he continues to push it around. It's durable and doesn't come apart during playtime. It's a great distraction for him so I can get some work or cooking done and I know he's not being naughty. We love it!

Puppy Approved

We just recently adopted a 12-week old lab mix puppy who is full of energy and is extremely mouthy. He will bite just about anything, so we have been trying to keep him busy with all kinds of toys. He is also a little piggy and will do just about anything for food and treats, so when I saw the wobble ball I thought it would be the perfect toy to keep him occupied. I was right! He LOVES it. He pounces around the house rolling it every which way until he can get treats out of it. We've had it for about a week and he isn't tired of it yet. We have been trying to mix up the treats that we put in it to make sure he stays interested. But just the noise alone on our tile floor while he's rolling it around keeps him excited about it.

Happily surprised

Been snowed in with my 2 Chessies and one is just 8 months. Perfect scenario to test out this Wobble Ball. They destroy and/or eat most of the toys I buy so my expectations were not too high. Happily surprised though, they spent some time nosing and following and manipulating the ball. I loved the mental stimulation as they figured it out, but that different treats are game changers. Very useful toy - still gonna supervise with this in case......

I love your stuff

I love your stuff

Pets Love It

Keeps my pets entertained for long time. It helps to be able to see the treats.

Love It!

I havent used the wobble ball yet but it's so adorably cute and I'll be using it with my new puppy soon...we just have to get potty training together first.


This is a great occupy and play toy. It rolls and wobbles while pooch is going after treats inside. My chiweenie loves it! Much better than just feeding treats by hand, this way it's combined with play. Highly recommended!

Fun toy!

My dogs were very excited to see what was in the package when it arrived. The Wobble Ball has given them something new to stimulate their problem solving skills. I didn't put in the right size treats and they came out too easily. Next time I'll try some larger kibble.

Great gift!

It's hard to buy for my mother, so I decided one of her gifts would be the Wobble Ball that both she and her dog could enjoy. She loved it and said her puppy dog loves it too!

Great toy

Molly loves this toy. I think because she loves treats and this creates a fun way to get them. It is sturdy which is great because she is a 85lb Lab and likes usually ruins all her toys. This is great.


The Wobble Ball is very well made and somewhat entertaining for my dog. I have a miniature dachshund so I have to say because of his height if the holes were smaller it would be MORE entertaining. When we have visiting dogs who have longer legs it is much more of a challenge for them.

Great Product

My pup loves the Wobble Ball. She does not play with toys unless there is a treat involved. The Wobble ball keeps her entertained. I highly recommend this product.

Awesome interactive toy.....

As soon as my dog found out that a snack would come out, if she continued to roll the Wobble ball, she was just so excited...and played with it for quite a long time...what a unique product to enhance fun and, durable and innovative. Thanks P.L.A.Y.

Great products!!

I purchased the Wobble Toy and love watching my dog (22 lbs) play with it, nudge it with his nose, and then chase it around for treats! His eyes really light up from after interacting with the toy. Great idea!

They Love Their Wobble Ball

I bought the Wobble Ball in the lime color for my two miniature dachshunds and they played with it as soon as I set it on the floor. This is without any doubt their new favorite toy! Great idea.

GREAT product!!

My dog needs a lot of play time and attention. She's very smart, but highly food-motivated. We have a whole planter full of toys, most of which she ignores unless we're available to play tug. The Wobble Ball is GREAT. We have a screened-in porch and she self-entertains long enough for us to get things done. Even when it's empty, she likes to bring it inside and roll it around. She really loves it, and so do we! Only issue- it came open once and, although she's small (Doxie-Pin), it took her about half a second to bite the end off the plastic carrot inside. Otherwise, very durable and entertaining!

Keeps My Dog Engaged

I really love the Wobble Ball and am glad I purchased it for my dog. He is an aggressive chewer, so I was afraid he would break it up after the first couple of plays, but after multiple times playing with it, it's still in one piece! It took him a little while to figure out how to get the treats out, but isn't that the point? I think it's a great, engaging product that keeps my dog from getting bored. I do put it up, however, after he successfully gets all the treats out, to keep him from breaking it or becoming confused (since the point IS to get all the treats out!) . I think it's also very reasonably priced, especially since he chews up and destroys most of his toys within minutes!


After a couple of days of being afraid of it, my Pug finally started playing with it. She figured it out in a couple of minutes. I've tried treats of different sizes. I think the holes need to be smaller or something. She rolls that thing over a couple of times and it's like winning the lottery to her. Still a great idea, it just needs some tweeks.


I bought the Wobble Ball as a Christmas present for my puppy in hopes to make her use her brain to get the food. However she is mainly a fetch and tug-of-war kind of puppy so she doesn't have much interest in the Wobble Ball. I love it though. It's great quality and easy to take apart and put back together. It is adorable as well! I hope she gains more interest!

Keeps my Yorkie Busy

I love this toy, it is cleverly designed and keeps my yorkie entertained while I'm at work. There are a few things I would change, however. I wish they would make a "small dog" version. Smaller overall, smaller holes and lighter weight product. It takes quite a bit of effort to push it over and he's kind of a scaredy dog.

Great slow feeder

We use the Wobble Ball as a slow feeder for our dog. When we head out we fill the Wobble with his food and he gets to stimulate his mind knocking the ball about to earn his food. He loves it!

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