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Inspired by Momo’s hilarious antics and zoomies (definition: when a dog runs around in crazy circles yelping with joy before collapsing to the ground to take a play-induced nap) whenever we took her to our local beach, P.L.A.Y. dedicates our second collection of plush dog toys to the Earth’s precious marine life. The Under the Sea Dog Toy collection consists of 5 plush toys; a King Crab, Giant Clam, Giant Squid, Green Sea Turtle and Starfish dog toys.

In line with P.L.A.Y.’s continued commitment to helping animals in need, 2% of the purchase price will benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress. Learn more about IFAW and what you can do to help support the cause here.

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Under the Sea Set
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Why Under the Sea Plush Toys

  • Hand-made craftsmanship, double layer exterior and inverse cross-stitched joints ensure extra durability
  • Each plush toy comes with a squeaker inside, perfect for hours of rambunctious fun
  • Eco-friendly, certified-safe PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • 100% washer and dryer friendly
  • AZO-free dye
  • All of our toys meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children products. Meet requirements for:
    • EN71 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 9 (EU)
    • ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standard
    • REACH - SVHC

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Mr. Squid is lots of fun

Moxie knew just what to do with "Mr. Squid" (or Senor Calamari) the minute the bag was opened. Do you put some kind of dog nip on it?! He likes to burrow into the tentacles, and chew on the body and drag it around. It's very satisfying to see that it very quickly became one of his favorite toys.

Crabby is the best!

Our beloved tripod Chloe adores this toy. It isn’t easy to find so we buy multiple when we can. She brings Crabby to dinner almost every night and takes pride in how far Crabby can be flung. Crabby looks great after a bath and lasts a remarkable length of time.

Long-lasting Favorite

The shape of this toy and it’s construction of multiple layers make it a long-lasting toy for my dachshund mixes. They can both destroy a new plush in minutes, but these starfish hold up well.

Favorite Toy of All Time

My 10 pound miniature dachshund loves this toy! He has a bin of probably fifty other squeaky toys and he ignores them 99% of the time now that he has this crab. It’s the perfect size to fit in his mouth, and the legs make it an excellent tug-of-war toy as well. I’ve ordered around a dozen at this point to stockpile in case they ever discontinue it! (P.S. P.L.A.Y., please don’t, you’ll break my dog’s heart.)

Crabby is Life

Our pup Leia, received a crab in a monthly box and it was love at first sight...Crabby is her absolute favorite and he has been looking a little worse for wear....finally found him here and now she has 2 besties...such a good quality toy!!

Never seen a dog love a toy more

This plush squid is our great dane's best friend. She has loved it since she was a puppy and not destroyed it like all of her other dog toys. Will definitely buy again when this squid bites the dust!

An excellent snuggle friend

My new puppy loves to cuddle with his giant squid. He takes it everywhere with him, on walks, to bed, in the car. It seems durable enough for a chewer. I suspect we'll be buying more in the future when this one wears out.

Durable! Squeaktastic!

I have a 75lb greyhound who tends to tear through plush toys. Tock has had the clam from this set for about 8 months and has only managed to make one little hole and has yet to kill the squeaker. I bought the crab to start completing his set! He loves them so much he even tries to take them out on walks. I highly recommend them for someone with a determined squeaker in their house!


Our beautiful King Charles Spaniel puppy, Miss Cady Heron, absolutely loves her UNDER THE SEA PLUSH TOYS! The crab is her absolute favorite. These toys are very high quality and unique. We love companies like P.L.A.Y. because they have amazing products, and give back to animals in need. We are customers for life!

Fun! Cute! Squeaky!

My furball LOVES her new squid! It's squishy and soft, and she's owned it for more than 2 days now and hasn't yet pulled it apart--so I'm going to call it sturdy, too. Really cute toy. Get one!

Durable sea turtle

My dog is rough with her toys, and I think this toy is still together because of the double stitching that goes into it. She loves this toy; it's her little baby!

So Adorable!

My puppy Valentino loves his new toys. I purchased the star and turtle along with some other items and I couldn't be happier with the products. They're the most adorable little toys ever. Quality, well made toys and my puppy absolutely loves them.....I'm extremely happy with my purchase and plan to shop with P.L.A.Y in the future.

Beautiful & Well Made!

My new puppy loves his new toys. I purchased the star, turtle and one of the squeaky bone toys and he absolutely loves them. The toys are well made & beautiful....I'm happy with my purchase and plan to shop with P.L.A.Y in the future.

Love it!

We have purchased a few of these clams because my pug carries it everywhere. He finds it every night before bedtime and brings it to bed with him. It is super great quality and lasts exceptionally long for the amount of playing, chewing and dragging around it endures. Nothing lasts forever though so we keep a few in stock at home so he never goes without!


My Mini Dachshund received one of your star toys in his BarkBox (Space Camp)! He LOVES this toy so much...he carries it everywhere and it's been about three months now that little star is still holding strong even after several washes too! The only thing broke is the squeaker, but he doesn't care about the squeak...he's obsessed with the toy!!!! You definitely have a new lifetime customer! Thank you P.L.A.Y and BarkBox for such a quality product!

King Crab is a hit!

My beagle received your King Crab in his BarkBox long ago and it is his favorite toy EVER. Normally he will rip the toy apart within minutes and pull the squeaker out but this crab has lasted about a year. He loves it and refuses to rip it open. It still squeaks even!

Your toy is still alive!

I received one of your toys in a Barkbox (space edition) and the star toy of yours is still alive. My cattle dog Georgia loves toys, loves them so much she just rips them to pieces but not your star. The squeaker is gone but the toy is not ripped torn or tattered and that's awesome can't wait to order one directly from you!


I have two large breed dogs who LOVE to rip toys open and pull out all the stuffing. The average toy lasts 30 minutes, maximum, at my house. My dogs have three different plush toys from Pet Play, and have had them all for over three months, and there is not only single tear in the stitching. These toys are quite amazing, beautifully made, and more than reasonably priced.


My four month old Newfoundland absolutely loves these toys! He has a giant squid, a turtle and a crab. Both the squid and turtle have a hole (or two) in them but he hasn't been able to pull any filling out. You actually can barely see the holes. He absolutely loves these toys and tries to put two in his mouth to carry with him all over the house!

King Crab

I got the King Crab plush toy from a BarkBox and my dog will not let this thing go. She loves it and I'm not sure what it is that causes her to go nuts for it. Either way this is the only toy that hasn't been ripped or wrecked. Looking forward to the rest of the collection I ordered. Great product.

Discovered these plush toys from Barkbox

I LOVE THEM! So does my dog haha. But I had ordered a one time Barkbox and received the King Crab. That was months ago, last year even. It's still squeaking. It probably took a good 2 months before one of the legs were ripped off. But it's sewn in such a way that even though it's missing a leg my dog can't disembowel the stuffing from it.

I will definitely be purchasing more because my corgi has a soft spot for plushies!

Giant Squid is my dog's "security blanket"

My Sydney, an Australian Cattle Dog mix, absolutely adores her giant squid. She loves almost all of her toys, but her giant squid is very special to her. She is crated, and she MUST have her giant squid with her in the crate -- she barks like crazy immediately after going in if she doesn't have her friend. When she comes out of her crate, she steps back inside immediately to get her squid. She's around 70 pounds, so she's gone through one or two (or 10) squids. Even though Sydney tends to remove the tentacles after a while, what's left washes beautifully in the washing machine.

love the clam!

Rupert loves his giant clam. We just ordered 2 back up ones in case something happens to his. Although this toy has held up great. They do play rough with it and he takes it everywhere!!

My dog LOVES the clam toy

I received the clam toy in my Barkbox and my dog goes absolutely bonkers for it. As soon as I say "Coco, where's the clam?" he goes on a frenzy looking for it and will fling it across the room to play catch by himself. But he has the most fun when I get involved - he's nuts for the squeaky sound but I think he just really loves the way the toy feels in his mouth. It's super plushy and soft so that allows him to bite down super hard. I've never seen him go so crazy over a toy.

The best

My black lab first received the zucchini plush in her first BarkBox and loved it so much. She has ripped apart almost every toy she has had within no time, but I was so impressed at how well the zucchini held up, that I bought her a carrot too. Now, she is turning a year old, and for her birthday I got her this turtle. I can't wait til she gets to try this one out.

Great Toys!

We received the crab in last month's Bark Box and my boy won't put it down. Out of his 20+ plush toys, this is always the one he searches for when told to get a toy. He also insists on taking a toy to bed and this is by far the toy he grabs most frequently. I will be buying additional toys, as wells as sending them to my fellow dog lover friends. On a side note, my boy is a strong chewer who loves to destroy toys-it's been over a month and this one is still in tact. The quality is high, the toy is very soft, and all the legs make for fun play time.


My baby boy got the crab in last month's bark box and he and I are both in love so we came here to get the others offered! Buying 2 of the sea turtles, one for our mini nauzie sampson and one for my hubby's turtle collection, turtles are his favorite :)


Received the crab in our bark box and OMG my baby girl is in loooove. You know she loves a toy when she doesn't automatically shred it to tiny pieces (she is a heavy chewer!) She is sleeping on it as i type. Very durable and impressively soft!!!! What a score/bang for your buck!!!

Best plush dog toys ever.

These are by far the best quality plush dog toys I have ever encountered. They are super soft, but very durable and the dogs absolutely love them.

Great Toy

Excellent quality and fun toy! Our dog loves it! Highly recommend!

Great toy! Won't hesitate to order again.

Love this. Katy and Tink will be crazy about this on christmas morning. Softer and more durable than I'd hoped.


This is a cute toy that appears to be well made. Client dog gift.

Love the toys!!

I got my first P.L.A.Y. toy in my November Barkbox and my dogs loved it so much I decided to order The Under the Sea Set. My dogs LOVE the toys and really enjoy playing tug a war with the Squid. The toys are soft, cute and very good quality!!

No more crabby dog!

I bought this toy for my parents dog. They are avid crabbers in the Puget Sound and their dog is in love with this toy. She hasn't even made a dent in it, and carries it around everywhere with her. Very good quality, and the design is so cute.

Great Selection

I love this set because my dog can choose the toy that fits his mood. He mainly fluctuates between the Squid and Turtle, but when new people come over he brings out the sea star! Highly recommend for the dog that likes to be selective.

Great toy!

We have a senior Dachshund who we recently rescued and she loves this toy. The material is sturdy yet gentle for her mouth which is very sensitive as she has had many teeth pulled. She loves to carry it around, get to the squeaker, and pull it by the tentacles. It is so cute to see her so attached to the Squid, we will likely purchase more for backup!

Excellent Products!

The Under the Sea toys are very soft and are of great quality! They make fun people toys too!

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