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Who knew healthy food could be fun, too?! The deliciously soft vegetable dog toy line from P.L.A.Y. is made from the same luxurious fabrics and eco-friendly filler as our award-winning line of pet beds. The vegetable plush toys are available in two sizes and 5 tasty options: apples, carrots, peas in a pod, pumpkins and zucchinis – our fruit & veggie toys are part of your pup’s balanced diet!

Do you have a small but mighty dog? Check out our NEW mini toys! They pack the same amount of construction and fun as the original sized toys. Also, don't forget to take a tractor ride through our farm and see the delicious plush produce from our Farm Fresh Plush Toy Collection.

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Why Garden Fresh Plush Toys

  • Available in two sizes perfect for dogs of all sizes: Extra Small and Medium
  • Available in 5 tasty options - purchase the full set to save $8.00 on standard size and $5.00 on mini size + receive them in a fabulous gift box
  • Fun doggy treat recipe included
  • Hand-made craftsmanship, double layer exterior and double-stitched edges ensure extra durability
  • Each vegetable shaped dog toy comes with a squeaker inside, perfect for hours of rambunctious fun
  • Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Made with AZO-free dye
  • All of our toys meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children products. Meet requirements for EN71 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 9 (EU), ASTM F963 (US) toy safety standards and REACH - SVHC

Capree Kimball, Editor at Dog Milk, and her two adorable pups tested out our Garden Fresh Toys. Check out Dog Milk for the full review and all the great photos!

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About the Artist

J. Nichole Smith
Los Angeles / London
I have never really fit into any single job description very well (must be the ADD). I am a photographer, designer, writer, entrepreneur...basically an idea addict. In 2004, while still a college student in Seattle, I adopted a puppy: Olivia the Great Dane (the original best idea ever). In 2005, I founded a boutique marketing agency and named it after her. In 2009, I had the pleasure of photographing Momo for the first time. I also got to craft the P.L.A.Y. logo and photograph the very first P.L.A.Y. beds!


Great toy

My french bulldogs love this toy . It lasts so long as top quality . Most toys don’t last long but this is a winner

Yummy and fun veggies!

OMG, my dog loves the pumpkin! After playing with it for a couple of weeks, I decided to buy the entire set, and as beautiful as all the veggies are, she still loves the pumpkin most. It has not only become a toy she plays with, but she also sleeps with it too. These toys are soft and wonderfully made! Highly recommend

Carrot is a fan favorite

All our pups loved the carrot however, the squeaker inside was VERY short-lived and didn't survive much chewing after the first few hours. The green tip part is also slowing dying from persistent chewing. Yet, pups still love to toss and drag it around in their mouth for fun. We might have to pick up a couple more backups when this one goes.

Nice Set!

We bought this set after getting a carrot toy from BarkBox. We have two dogs, and they like to tug the toys with each other and the younger dog likes to chew out the squeak device. The carrot has lasted over a year, which is unheard of. So we bought the set a week ago. The pumpkin did not last an hour, but the others are still hanging in there. I would recommend despite the pumpkin loss. :)

Great toys!

These veggie toys are the cutest! My husband and I are vegetarians so we had to buy every veg toy for our baby boy. He loves to cuddle with them!

Four paws up for the Garden Fresh Set

Spot and Buster always eat their veggies, now they can play with them too! Spot the Bernese Mt Dog took the Pumpkin and Carrot, while Buster the Cocker Spaniel preferred the Zucchini and Pea pod. We are saving the Apple for our friend's new rescue puppy :). Toys are just the right size for both our dogs, and very soft. Spot sleeps with his pumpkin under his paw, while Buster runs around with his zucchini in his mouth. Love the colors and quality product.


My english bulldog puppy, Bowser, first received the carrot in his BarkBox last year. The carrot IMMEDIATELY became HIS FAVORITE toy. I cannot tell you what it is about it, but he fell so in love with this plush that not only did I buy a second one to keep as a back up, but I bought the Garden Fresh pack. Now Bowser's favorite toy? THE PUMPKIN. He can't get enough of it. He also loves his zucchini and soy bean. But, there's something about these toys.....they're his FAVORITE by far of everything he owns (which is a lot!).

Delicious and nutricious!

Trixie loves this carrot! It's a great size--small enough to be easy for her to wield and trot around with easily, but not so small that it's an immediate invitation to destruction. She hasn't destroyed it yet, which is amazing, and it's cute and makes a fun fetch toy, too.

Crazy for the carrot!

My dogs got the carrot in a BarkBox last year and it became Charley's favorite toy! He would cuddle it and protect it like it was a baby. My other dog, Dottie, tore it up, so I looked up the toy and found the pack of vegetable toys. Charley is so excited about his new toys and especially the new carrot.

Tough Toy

My dog Bella loves her carrot and I love it since three months later it is still intact and the squeaker still squeaks! Most of the plush toys I buy are de-stuffed and de-squeaked in a matter of days or weeks, her nickname is destructo dog. So I will happily be adding to her toy collection for her upcoming birthday.

Best dug toy ever

My miniature boxer received the zucchini plush toy in one of her first bark boxes and this was one of the few toys that she has not been able to completely destroy...she plays with it for hours...the other day she brought it to me and sat it down at my feet. I picked it up and tried to squeak it and the squeaker is not longer working. I guess that was her way of telling me "Mom, it's time to order me a new one". She is anxiously awaiting her replacement..


Our dog Brandy (about 17 lbs) received her first carrot toy in a BarkBox in early 2014. She played with it literally everyday, and a few weeks ago, she finally ripped it. We had to order her a new one - it is perfect and she LOVES it! We are looking into ordering the full Garden Fresh and Under the Sea Toy sets!

Surprisingly Durable!

My dogs got the eggplant in their monthly Barkbox. I think this was in November. I saw it and thought, "oh, this is cute but it wont last." It's February and it's still (mostly) intact! I can't believe it. They rip all their stuffed/plushy toys within minutes of getting them. Cute and well equipped for strong chewers. I have a 25lb boston and a 70 lb black mouth cur.

Best dog toy EVER

These carrots are, by far, the best dog toys ever designed. Our Schneider/poodle mix brings hers to bed every single night. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen... We ordered two more for backups since she is so attached to hers!

Great product!

We got an eggplant toy from Barkbox and it is a great toy! My dogs love to chew up the plush toys minutes after getting a toy, but this eggplant had withstood them! It is still intact and they love it!

Very Durable

My corgi loves the carrot squeaker toy. I not only play fetch with him, but also tug! He always breaks his toys on the first day, but this one is like new still, no hole yet. Really high quality product! Looking forward to getting the other veggie toys!

Adorable and tough veggies!

My cairn terrier received the carrot and squash through BarkBox and loved them so much that I had to buy this entire set. He usually guts his stuffed toys and pulls out the fluff and squeakers, but he hasn't done this to these awesome veggies. Highly recommend!

Love the carrot!

My dogs LOVE this toy! They will play with their carrot over anything else. Not for super chewers, but pretty tough for a stuffed toy.

Amazing! Auggie's favorite!

We received a zucchini toy in a BarkBox many months ago, and it is still Auggie's favorite toy. Even if we put it away in his toy box, he will go find it and carry it out with him. If guests come over, he will find the toy and show it off. It's also been mighty resilient to our tough chewer. We just bought another one (plus all the other garden toys) and a dog bed for the holidays. This company makes stellar products!

Amazing. That's it - just amazing.

I have a beagle - she's the love of my life - ok after the husband and kids but still! She's destroyed every.single.toy I have every gotten her. I got her the veggie set - she's had it for months and it's still going strong - she LOVES these toys - brings them inside and out - I've washed them and they are soft and chewy, but virtually indestructible. AMAZING.

One of my top 5 fav toys

Since the moment my mom open it for me, I just went crazy for the carrot. The size, the form, the color, the texture and the sound were perfect for my size and for my style of toys. I haven´t been able to pull out the filler (and trust me, I love to destroy these kind of toys). I also loved the interesting facts on the label.

Great products!!

I received a carrot in my BarkBox and was so impressed by the quality and my dog absolutely loves it, so I had to buy another one to match! I also purchased the Wobble Toy and love watching my dog (22 lbs) play with it, nudge it with his nose, and then chase it around for treats! His eyes really light up from after interacting with the toy. Great idea!

My favorite toy company by far!

My dogs love these toys. They are nearly indestructible and so easily washed. My little flat faced dog loves the carrot and squash and my hound mix loves the way the pumpkin and apple bounce when thrown! The quality is amazing each piece lasts forever!

Only toy my dog loves

My chihuahua/terrier mix "picked out" the carrot herself from our local pet-supply store the day I got her. Since then, this is the only toy she plays with. She loves it and carries it around when she's excited. The squeakers don't last forever, but she still plays with the broken-squeaker one. I have about 4 of the carrots that I circulate in and out of the laundry, as they're easily washable. I don't know what it is about this carrot but my little dog loves this thing.


Soft and adorable! My dog loves them so much and they were the prefect treat for her. The toys are high quality and such a great experience with this company!

Excellent Quality

We got the carrot in our first barkbox in May 2014. Our pug Toby loves his "babies" but chews them to pieces. This toy has lasted a month so far with no signs of damage. Absolutely no wear on the seams, no fibres and no dye coming out of the fabric. We will be ordering more toys from this company for sure! Both the farm and under the sea collection look adorable.

Durable and fun

Our pug, Maggie, will disembowel all plushie toys except this one. She LOVES the noise it makes (it's not deafening or terribly annoying) and it's a perfect fit in her mouth. It may hang out some but she will still prance around and show it off when people come to our home. She loves to play fetch or just chew on it. I caught her the other day sucking on the green part (she is 4 years old) and NOT any fibers came off. You can also wash it in the washer :D I am so glad we got this in our barkbox. Probably going to buy the zucchini or the pea pod. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

a new favorite!

We got the carrot in the latest Barkbox and it has quickly become the new fave. My Yorkie-poo loves it and takes it everywhere! It's the perfect size toy for her. Plus I like that it's not an overly annoying squeaky toy. Win, win! Next up, the Peapod perhaps?!

Fitz's Favorite

These toys are soft and adorable and quickly became my cocker mix Fitz's favorite toy, along with the zucchini he received in his BarkBox.

Unfortunately, the squeakers don't last long! Both quit squeaking within 24 hours of getting them!

Carrot of Choice

I bought this because our dog loves his veggies, especially his carrots and this is no different, he loves it. Excellent quality and really cute. Our dog does not destroy toys at all but something happened to the squeaker after a day or two. I called the company and they sent a replacement out that I received in 3 days. Excellent customer service and quality toys! Highly recommend! Will be ordering other varieties!

So cute!

I got this toy because my puppy loved the zucchini so much. She took it everywhere and we needed to clean it! So we bought this to give to her whenever we have to throw the zucchini in the washer. She loves them both so much! She has ripped apart many soft plush toys, but this one has not taken any damage! Very durable, and you can simply throw it in the washer once it gets dirty.

Great Toy!

I received this toy for my puppy in the BarkBox. She is obsessed with it. She takes it everywhere with her. She has ripped apart many soft plush toys, but this one has not taken any damage! Very durable, and you can simply throw it in the washer once it gets dirty.

The toys are high quality!

I really like working with your company. The toys are high quality, and my little Pom just loves the bed we ordered from you! I'll continue to order from you in the future.

One of the best dog toys!!

I received this zucchini in a bark box a few months ago, my dachshund loves it, but so did our golden retriever. It was a daily battle as to who was going to get the toy. So we simply ordered another hoping this would calm things down a bit. Now my dachshund steals both and hides them under the couch...Too funny.

Great set !

My dogs can't decide which is their favorite! Some days it's the carrot and some days it's the apple. The pumpkin is also gaining ground. The toys are very durable and have withstood hours of tugging and squeaking.

Zucchini Madness

I have a 1 & 1/2 year old dapple Dachshund who is very picky about her toys and has been stuck to a decapitated beaver toy for most of her doggy life. Sleeping with it, taking it everywhere, and guarding it from dogs and people until she received the Zucchini in a BarkBox. Now she is absolutely in LOVE with this toy! I haven't seen the decapitated beaver in over a week!!! Not to mention all the guest who come over have to look twice at the toy because its so unique and adorable! Im definitely buying the Under The Sea set now and some Christmas toys for her friends! Marie Compton the Dapple thanks you!

Great Set!

This set is great. I dog sit a lot and the dogs always go for the veggies! Great toys, wonderful quality and good conversation pieces.

Holy Carrot!

My Boston Terrier absolutely loves this toy. It is the perfect size for him. He loves to carry it around by the green carrot top and flick it into the air. Highly recommend!

Super soft and durable!

When these toys first arrived, we weren't sure how durable they would be considering how soft they are. (My pitbull mix is a total chewer). But despite all of her gnawing, they have held up really well! The zucchini got a little dirty, but after putting it in the washer/dryer, it looks just like new! She loves to carry them around - especially the carrot - it's hilarious and adorable! We love these and can't wait for your new toys to come out.

Paws up for P.L.A.Y. garden fresh plush toys!

I have a very naughty and playful 2.5 years old male corgi Guinness who will chew up any toy within seconds after I give it to him. I got these new garden fresh plush toys set from P.L.A.Y. few weeks ago and thankfully they are very durable and lasting. So far, Guinness has not even destroy a single one! In addition, the shape and size of each toy is designed very well because it is really easy for Guinness to pick up the toy when playing fetch. His favorite piece is definitely the carrot because it is also his favorite food. So it is very helpful and creative to have the owners of P.L.A.Y. attaching a special dog recipe for using the vegetable. Also, I like that these toys can be machine washed and so I can make sure that Guinness has clean and hygienic toys to play with every week. Guinness really adores these garden plush toys and he sleeps with them every night now, so definitely all paws up for P.L.A.Y.’s effort! I really hope there will more plush toys coming out soon. :)

Big Fan of the Garden Fresh!

My Name is Na'cho and I am addicted to toys. I am currently carrying the apple around everywhere I go. I can chew on it lick it chase it it's the perfect shape for my mouth and I love it. thank you for making a good solid toy that lasts.

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