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These luxuriously soft and durable pads suit a variety of living spaces. Throw them around in your office, in front of a fireplace or in the back of your car. They also double up as nifty cushions for your pet’s crate.

Snooze safely on our OEKO-TEX® certified safe Chill Pads!

Original Chill Pads are Oeko-Tex Certified

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Medium: 30" x 20"
Recommended for medium sized dogs weighing up to 55 lbs.
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$ 29.00 $29.00

Why Chill Pad

  • Designed to fit most standard pet crates
  • Zipper-free construction reduces risk of chewing and tearing
  • Filled with the perfect amount and density of high-loft PlanetFill® filler
  • Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Luxuriously soft plush vonnel top layer and faux suede bottom layer
  • Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children products

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Love the Chill Mat - great quality, washes well, fantastic color

Love the Chill Mat - great quality, washes well, fantastic color


Have purchased the small and large sizes for our multi dog household. This item has been a repeat purchase as my dogs love them. Durable, machine wash and put in dryer - easy care!

Great for midday snoozles

When my hooMom opened the box, I immediately recognized this as my new settle mat. I jumped to encourage her to place it on the floor faster, and then hopped on and sat down. It’s more comfortable than the floor, for sure. As an added bonus, if I need exercise, I can stand up and shake it around a bit before going back to sleep.

Awesome product

We tried one for our puppies crate which she loved. So we thought why not get one for when she isn’t in her crate, which she also loved. Then we went nuts and got one for our cars since she loved them in the house why not the car. After a recent trip of 1,700 miles she is still loving her car chill mat. Finally we got one for our friends who are getting a pup very soon. They are great quality, fabulous colors and designs and loved by our dog.

I love my new chill pad!

It is very soft and comfy to relax on!

So comfy!

We bought two, and both were quickly adopted. Our very bony sighthound puppy looks so comfortable upside down on her chill pad in her crate, and she is stretching much less dramatically when we let her out. The pad on the couch is now apparently more comfortable than my lap :'(

Perfect for crates

I own 4 of these for my dogs' crates. They are high quality, super soft, and comfortable. Also, they are easy to wash and dry. My beagle and my papillon both love them.

Best crate and house pad

We bought a chill pad for our rescue dog at least 5 years ago. Scrappy sleeps on it nightly and we have to wash it almost weekly due to shedding. We loved the pad and color so bought the same one thinking we'd trade it out. Scrappy decided he wanted the new pad on the living room floor and that's where he spends the majority of his time. So now he has two favorite places to sleep! Great product.

Love it

My dog absolutely loves his chill pad! As soon as I put it down he was on top of it immediately. It seems very well-made, and I love the fact that it is machine washable. I may have to purchase another one for our beach house!

Necessary for all dogs

This is a necessary item for all dogs, ages and sizes. It's great outdoors and indoors (even if your have carpet, wooden or marble floor). Our Frenchie loves it. I wish they were more solid colours though. Maybe in pastel!


The Chill Pads are super soft, my King Charles Spaniles love them. I love the color choices. They are perfect for any room. Our senior dog especially enjoys relaxing on these beds. We bought three, and will likely order more. We can never have enough high quality beds in the house, and these are perfect!

Hot Dog Loves It

My poor fluffy Spitz suffers in the Southern summers. He plopped right down on his chill pad as soon as it came out of the box. He loves it. It's also really tasteful and doesn't look like there's a dog bed in the living room.

Great Product

I receive my Chill Pad about a week ago, it has been a great purchase minus one small problem. The only problem that I have had is getting my lazy bloodhound off of the pad. If it was up to her she would eat and sleep on it 24/7.

He loves it

I bought the small size for my rescue Argo (10 kg, Beagle mix) and it is perfect for him. I can carry it around and place it wherever we stop, bars, restaurants, friends' places... Argo lays on it as soon as I put it down and he knows that's his safe place.
He loves it and I do, too!

Very good product but...

I'm little bit angry, because I bought it here, and today I found it cheaper here: ...
Next time i will check other sites first

Fuzzy n' Great

Super soft and my pup instantly said "0oo what is this!?" I purposely bought this in a small for my husky so it only takes up half of her crate (she likes the cold plastic too) but now I usually catch her lying on the side with her squishy new bed. Only downside is she thinks the bed is also a toy and brings it to me in the living room :)

Love it

Perfectly soft, great color/and fits in her cage like a dream.
Love that the fabric doesn't nap & she's super cozy on it..
Live to see our dog so content :)

My name is Marmaduke

Me and my bunk ,mates would really like the blue medium chill pad. We lounge around just about anywhere we wany, being really small MinPins., cept for Wolfie, he's a Pom. But a bed big enough for two would be sweet. We are all over 8 years old and we like it softy. Licks to you Pooper Underfoot

Jameson slightly chilled

My name is Jameson, a golden retriever. I have a bad leg and in preparation for surgery, I go several times a week to
aqua therapy. The Xlarge sea foam chill pad reminds me of the swimming pool at the therapy center. I think I would have sweet dreams sleeping on such a nice soft pad and feel
like I was floating on water.


We have 3 basset hounds and would love to win the XL Chill Pad. They love to sleep/nap together all rolled up in a big basset love ball, so the Chill Pad would be just right for them. They say they would like the green color!!

schnauzers snoozin'

My geriatric mini schnauzer boys both love to lounge around. A cream colored chill pad in Medium would be perfect since mini schnauzers don't shed, their hair won't show.

Chill Pad Giveaway

There are 3 of us cocker spaniels and Mom says a XL in blue would look good in the living room. We are pretty good at sharing, but sometimes one of us..not naming names Willow....can be a little hoggish! If we are picked you can email Mom at:
Shadow, Willow and Gypsy

Chillin' Ike Likes

Ike is a rather large Golden Retriever/Rotweiller mix who loves nothing more than chillaxin' around the house. He's an older guy, but has some spunk left, and would love to win an XL Chill Pad in any color you'd be so inclined to give him, he's never picky ;-)

Ajax loves to sleep!

Ajax is a mellow 2 year old lab. He loves to sleep when he isnt romping in the parking, hiking with his owner, or chasing squirrels. Ajax and his young single professional owner would love to win a Pistchachio medium bed. His owner has brown ikea bedroom furniture and thinks the earthy tones would go compliment perfectly!

chill pad giveaway

Chill pad giveaway--- white would be best and XL-- I have two beagle and a dachshund and winter, spring, summer and fall, they like to lay together.............

comfy & fashionable

Looks soft & comfy for dog. Beautiful colors

my 3 large dogs would love to share the chill p

my 3 large dogs would love to share the pistachio xl chill pad with each other, they share everything.

love it!

My Boston Terrier Bosco would just love to win one your beautiful pads and he would especially love it in seafoam!

Love the Concept, Bet My Pooch Would Love the Product!

My rescue boy, Atlas, just had a very vocal dream and I think it must have been of a new, soft bed to lounge on while he recovers from surgery. He barked twice and chirped thrice, so I'm pretty sure that means "XL size and in the green please." Many woofs of thanks for the opportunity to win and happy hump-day!

Eco and People Friendly Bed


why Buddy would like a chill pad

I think my dog buddy would like a chill pad because I am a recent widow and because of that I now have to work long hours to make ends meet. I have a pillow on the floor in front of the window that buddy looks out that he lays on. I think the small pad would be wonderful for him in the sea foam color. It also looks more comfortable than the pillow he has now. And he deserves a treat for being so good about staying home alone, after losing his Daddy.


I would like one of these in the medium size in pumpkin. Smidge is a mini Doxie but her best friend is also a mini doxie named Zack. Smidge and Zack sleep side by side so they would need one big enough for both of them. Pumpkin in color because they both love their vegetables.

Hope to try it out real soon...

Since I'm wearing this spiffy cone around my head, I would love to have this nice soft bed to lie on... us black labs love to lie around ya know!

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