10 Human Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

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It is so true that you always want what you cannot have. If you own a dog, you know how pitiful they can be when they want a little taste of what you are eating. Before people knew better they were giving their dog a little of everything, however, some human food can be toxic to your dog – one of the worst offenders is chocolate!

So what do you do when your pup is whining and moping around because they want a little variety in their diet? If you are like many dog owners, you will probably divulge their desires with a little treat, but it is best to understand what is safe and what is not safe for your dog to consume. You would hate to have to make a late night rush to a pet emergency hospital because of something you gave your precious pup. But don't forget to control your pet's condition. What is perfect for one dog will cause allergies in another. For example, essay writers work at home and can monitor the pet all the time. Unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity, so it is better to test new treats at the weekend. So here is a list of 10 human foods that you can share with your dog and feel good about!


Can you say “Yum”? Salmon is a delicious mild fish that is full of important fatty acids. You have probably heard of the wonderful benefits of omega-3 fish oil, well salmon is full of them (wild Alaskan salmon is the best). Salmon can help deliver a number of benefits to your pup, including skin/coat health, joint health, and heart health!


Squash is a delicious and sweet vegetable that is filled with good vitamins including beta-carotene and fiber! Squash can help your dog keep a healthy GI tract, by staying regular with bulking up the stool.


Parsley may not sound tempting or like something your dog would crave, but if you chop it up small and add it to his regular diet you can help reduce bad breath! On top of relieving any foul odors, parsley is also rich in calcium, potassium, and beta-carotene.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a tasty, sweet treat that can be a lot of fun for your dog! You can add a little to a toy and watch your dog figure out how to get more. A perfect way to stimulate your dog’s brain while giving him a tasty treat that is full of good protein!


Yogurt is a sweet and tangy treat that comes in a wide variety of flavors. Look for brands that are high in protein (Greek yogurt) and low in sugar. Yogurt also has the benefits of active cultures which is very good for your pet’s GI tract.


Apples are delicious and nutritious! Your dog will enjoy this as a crisp and juicy treat! Just make sure you give your pup apple slices rather than a whole apple to avoid your dog from ingesting the core and seeds. The nutrition benefits include a great way to receive fiber, and vitamins A and C.


This is another treat, which may not necessarily be a “treat” for your dog, but it is so good for him! Flaxseed is another source of omega-3 that offers health benefits to your dog’s skin, coat, joints, and heart. Mix flaxseed with another favorite treat to ensure your pup gobbles this healthy addition right up!


Lean meats like chicken and turkey are a wonderful way to spice up your dog’s diet with a good source of protein. Stew, bake, or grill these delicious meats and cut them up for your dog to enjoy some fresh, wholesome meat!


Another good source of protein, among other dietary benefits, is the incredible, edible egg! Figure out how your dog most enjoys his eggs; just make sure the egg is completely cooked before serving!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a delicious source of fiber, as well as vitamin C, and beta-carotene. As an added bonus, sweet potatoes offer a great antidote for that nagging sweet tooth!

While these human foods are considered safe for your dog to consume, please remember that nothing is good in excess AND the most important nutrition for your dog to receive is in the pet food recommended by your dog’s veterinarian. While it is okay to give your dog a little “treat” of human food every now and then, understand that too much can make your dog overweight so do not go crazy with people’s food droppings every time you hear your dog wince for a taste. And most importantly, remember to give your dog an adequate amount of exercise daily so your dog remains in good physical condition!

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