Homemade Dog Treats – What to Consider

By Vicki S.. on Aug 4, 2020
No one likes to go to the pet store over and over to buy dog treats. Homemade dog treats have high nutritional value and can be the best option for your pet if you choose the right food. However, if you choose the wrong dog food, it will...

Top 10 Summer Dog Walking Tips

By Michaela on Aug 4, 2020
Dogs of all breeds and sizes need adequate exercise to stay happy and healthy. Even during the brutal summers, it is pertinent to make sure that your dog is taken on regular walks. Otherwise, excess energy levels may cause your dog to dr...

Common Human Foods That Can Be Harmful For Pets

By Hannah Norton on Jul 29, 2020
Informative insights from comparethemarket.com.au have provided a detailed look into what human foods can cause serious harm to common domestic pets The research investigates human foods that are harmful to animals such as cats, dogs,...
Image Source: Envato If you have a family pet, you’ll want to give your animal pal the best care possible. Even though you likely already do everything that you can to ensure the best health and quality of life for your pet, there might ...
While dogs are members of 63.4 million American households and another 42.7 million are owned by cats, only 1.6 million households in the United States have an equine resident. If you're considering a pet horse, you may wonder why they'r...
Raising a dog from the time that they are a puppy helps them to become a cherished member of your family. During puppyhood, you can teach your pet to trust you and follow your commands. You also get a chance to help socialize them and in...
Taking pets to the park or for a fun drive can be enjoyable as long as your dog or cat is well behaved and under control. You don't want their claws to accidentally shred the upholstery, shed fur on the floor mats, or have a toileting ac...

How to Find the Best Vet for Your Pup

By Amy Sloane on Jul 2, 2020
Is your dog having trouble walking or running? Are they experiencing the pains of aging or suffering from a condition like hip dysplasia? Whatever the reason may be, now is a good time to start shopping for a vet. There are a few handy t...
Introduction Dogs are the most popular pet in America- but the competition is ever growing! Other species, especially small furries and reptiles, are becoming increasingly popular as pets. However these species will be completely foreig...
The weather has started to get a little warmer, which means that our pets are more than ready to head outdoors. While our furry friends love to play outside when it's warm, they can face health problems when they spend a lot of time unde...
Image source: Envato Getting your first family pet is a huge moment for everyone. You're expanding the family and taking on another living being under your roof. With another life involved, however, you should take time to figure out if ...
Image Source: Unsplash Pet owners already know what kind of fulfillment a dog, cat, bird, or any other type of pet can bring to your life. Pets become fast family members for many people. They’re entertaining, loving, fun, caring, and lo...
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