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5 Tips for Moving Your Pet to a New Home

By Ashley Little on Mar 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

5 Tips for Moving Your Pet to a New Home

So you’re all packed up and ready to move in to your new home. You’ve labelled the boxes, you decluttered, your old home is clean, and you feel ready to start a new life chapter in your new home. There’s only one problem: your pet might not be ready.

We tend to forget about our pet and their emotional attachments. Even if you didn’t have a hard time accepting that you’re leaving your old house behind, your pet may not feel the same, and moving to a new home could be a cause of stress and anxiety for them.

It’s important that we remember to think about our pet’s needs too. They are a man’s best friend after all. That’s why you should consider these five tips for helping your pet’s transition to a new home go smoothly.

1. Say a proper goodbye

Just as you would want closure before being forced to move on to a new chapter of your life, so would your pet. Allow your furry friend to say a proper goodbye to your home. Go for your normal walk, take a trip to the local park your dog enjoys, and fill the day with all of your pet’s favorite parts of your current lifestyle. Forcing an abrupt change on your pet can be stressful, so give them these final moments close out this chapter.

2. Avoid the moving day chaos

The hustle and bustle of moving heavy boxes, loading trucks, unloading trucks, and finding a place for everything in your new home is not a great environment for your pet to be exposed to. In fact, it could even be dangerous and lead to either your pet or yourself to undergo harm.

Avoid this entirely by keeping your pet separate from the moving day process. Either keep them enclosed in a cage or ask a friend or family member to pet sit for the day. Make sure to pack your pet’s favorite toys and treats to keep them happy while you’re gone!

3. Allow your pet to explore their new stomping grounds

Once you’re all moved in, allow you pet to start exploring your new home. If there are any areas of your home which your pet will not be allowed access to, create these boundaries early. Let your pet explore the areas of your home they are allowed access to, and then take them for a walk around the local area. Find a new favorite park you can enjoy together. Break in your backyard. Give your pet the full experience to help sell them on the idea that this new place fun and exciting.

4. Keep some semblance of a routine

In all your efforts to re-assemble your home your schedule may be dramatically shifted and you can feel pressed for time. During this transition period, don’t forget about your pet! Do your best to maintain their regular routine so they don’t become confused or stressed. Disrupting your pet’s routine is a common cause of behavioral issues, which you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Keep feeding, walking, and playing with your pet at your regular times so they don’t feel thrown off track.

5. Give them a sense of familiarity

While moving homes provides a great opportunity to declutter and replace old items, it may be best to keep your pet’s items with you in the new home. Rather than overwhelming your pet with an entirely new environment, give them a sense of familiarity by maintaining their favorite dog bed, toys, or old T-shirts that smell like your old home. This will help them adjust properly without feeling completely uncomfortable in a new place.


Moving homes can be an exciting time for you, but you should remember that your pet may not always understand why they are transitioning to a new home. Follow these tips to help your pet be as excited as you are about your move and keep them comfortable during the transition.

Posted in Training Tips by Ashley Little on Mar 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

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