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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Living: How to Prevent Heat from Affecting Your Pet

By Laura Morgan on Aug 20, 2019 at 12:00 am


Summer is an amazing time for your and your pet to get some fresh air and do all the activities you have been waiting to enjoy in nicer weather. Whether you’re staying active and tackling hikes on mountainous terrain, or taking it easy and soaking up rays next to your favorite body of water, the opportunities are endless!

No matter your preference, it’s important to ensure your pet is taking adequate time to fully relax and recharge their system, especially in warmer temperatures. Spending ample time at home during off hours is a wonderful way to get this done. If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some great home tips for summer living and keeping your pet safe from the heat!

Cooling Sleep Options

Many people sleep with their pets in their bed. If this sounds like you, equip your sleeping arrangements with moisture wicking or cooling accessories. Pillowcases, sheets and light comforters are great ways to keep temperatures down in your space. 

One thing that is often overlooked when keeping cool is your mattress. Choose a mattress with enhanced air circulation made from materials like gel or memory foam. You can’t go wrong with a ventilated mattress topped with accessories that keep you and your pet’s body temperature low and regulated. 

Don’t Skimp on the A/C

When it comes to hot temperatures, it’s vital to make sure your home is cool enough for comfortable living. If central A/C isn’t available where you live, look for window units or cooling towers that keep your space from getting too hot. 

Remember, never leave your dog in a hot car. Forgo bringing your furry friend to stores that don’t allow pets. Instead, choose outdoor shopping venues like farmers markets that are accessible to pets and benefit your local community. 

Get Up Early

While getting up early may not be on some people’s itinerary, taking advantage of cooler temperatures in the morning is great for your pet. If you’re planning activities outside, try to get them done early in the day or later in the evening. The cooler temperatures will allow you and your pet to enjoy the environment without melting in hot weather!

If you’re spending time outside, be sure to equip yourself with necessities to keep your pet from getting too overheated. Try portable water bowls, cooling vests or small canopies that help your pet beat the heat. 

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Make the Most of Time Inside

Time inside can be just as enjoyable for your pet as time outside. Be sure to have plenty of stimulating activities ready for your home. 

It’s just as important to exercise your pet’s brain as their body. Enrichment toys keep your pet’s playtime interactive while practicing commands improves your bond towards each other. And don’t forget, nap time can also be beneficial for your pet to recharge as well!

Try Some Frozen Treats

There are many amazing recipes out there to try for your pet that will cool them down after a long day in the sun. Many of these recipes are simple and require very few ingredients, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Even ice on its own can be an amazing treat for many pets! For an extra touch on the cool side, always have ice on hand to put in your pet’s water dish to prevent them from getting too overheated.

Posted in Health by Laura Morgan on Aug 20, 2019 at 12:00 am

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