Sustainable Pet: 4 Care Items That Can Be Reused

By Rachelle Wilber 19 days ago at 12:00 am


Taking care of your pets doesn’t mean that you have to decide between their comfort and the environment. There are lots of sustainable products that you can purchase. Here are just a few of the items that are worth considering.

Natural Cat Litter

The problem with clay-based litter is that it’s toxic and isn’t sustainable at all. You can switch to a natural cat litter that’s better for the environment because it tends to be made from waste products and will degrade over time. The options available include corn, wheat, walnut, pine, and recycled paper-based products. All of these products are better for the environment and don’t produce ammonia the way that clay litter does.

Recycled Collars

Keeping materials out of the landfill is a sustainable option that can be utilized in the creation of pet collars. Some recycled dog collars are made out of old firehoses. This allows you to upcycle materials and do something good for your local community. There are other options in terms of recycled dog collars. Many of the options are made out of old plastics that would have otherwise been left to sit in a landfill somewhere. The benefit of these collars is that they also tend to last longer.

Biodegradable Waste Bags

Those dog waste bags are another area that allows you to switch to a more sustainable product. Many of these types of bags are compostable. What this means is that you can reap the benefits of having less of an environmental impact because you will not be adding to the already huge amounts of waste going to a landfill. Even if you decide not to compost your bags, having an option that will degrade is better than the plastic varieties that will be around forever.

Eco-friendly Pet Beds

So many dog beds are filled with plastic and synthetic materials. Purchasing a pet bed that’s made with recycled materials or natural fibers is way more sustainable. Some of these beds are filled with old pet beds that have been recycled. Incorporating bamboo frames into your pet beds is another option that’s even more sustainable in nature. This is because bamboo is a very eco-friendly product. Hemp filling is another option that’s incredibly good for the environment.

There are lots of options that you can consider when you want to provide your pet with something and not worry about the environmental consequences. Use these ideas to get you started with finding the right product for your household.

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Posted in Fun Facts by Rachelle Wilber 19 days ago at 12:00 am

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