Spit That Out! 5 Things Pets Shouldn’t Eat and What to Do When They Try

By Anita Ginsburg 34 days ago at 12:00 am


Your pet is like one of the family. They’re there for you through thick and thin, so if you’re like most pet owners, you want to shower them with love and maybe even give them tasty treats. But when it comes to sharing what you’re eating, not everything you eat is safe for them. In fact, some foods can be deadly. Below are five of the most toxic foods your pet should never eat.

Grapes or Raisins

Grapes and raisins, which are typically the same food, should always be out of reach from your pet. While experts are yet to pinpoint the reason why, both foods are highly toxic and cause your pet to go into acute kidney failure.


We’ve all heard that pets shouldn’t consume chocolate, but many of us really don’t know why. Methylxanthines, which is found in all kinds of chocolate, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, excessive urination, and thirst. Chocolate can also cause an abnormal heart rhythm and seizures.

Although dark chocolate is considered worse than milk chocolate, your pet should never consume either. If you suspect your pet has ingested chocolate, you should either call or go to your nearest veterinary hospital, such as the South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, immediately.


Neither your dog nor your cat should ever be allowed to chew on or consume any type of bone. Chicken bones are known to splinter and become lodged in the esophagus. In addition, larger bones can accidentally be swallowed whole, causing intestinal blockage.


Your pet should never be allowed to consume any form of alcohol, not even a drop. There’s nothing funny about seeing a pet that has accidentally lapped up a spilled beer or been alcohol purposefully. Acute alcohol intoxication can cause neurological deficits in all pets, including depressed respiratory effort. Always seek emergency care if you suspect alcohol consumption.


Onions can do far more than give your pet bad breath. In fact, onions, garlic and even chives can cause intense gastrointestinal upset and can also damage red blood cells. Note, cats are more susceptible to the ill-effects, however, dogs are still at risk as well.

Regardless of type, your pet depends on you for care. You would never give a child something that you know could potentially harm them, so you need to treat your pet the same way. Make sure that any type potentially toxic foods are safely stored out of reach and if your pet does happen to consume something that’s off limits, contact your vet immediately.

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Posted in Health by Anita Ginsburg 34 days ago at 12:00 am

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