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Small Apartment and a Playful Cat? 4 Tips to Make It Work

By Leila Dorari on Dec 26, 2017 at 10:00 am

Small Apartment and a Playful Cat? 4 Tips to Make It Work

There are plenty of pet lovers out there who cannot accept that having a small apartment means no pets. While some will argue that keeping an animal indoors is a torture, I am quite sure that you can make it work.

Safety first

If you have a cat in an apartment, it is your responsibility to keep the animal safe. A kitten or a particularly playful adult cat is exposed to even more dangers. You need to prevent physical injuries as well as intoxication. To be on the safe side, keep all of the chemicals, as well as your food out of the cat’s reach. Of course, not all of the human food will harm them, but it is easier to safely store everything than memorize the list or keep it on your fridge door. Make sure that your pet eats only the things you give them and make sure that all of the food is cooked and you do not give them any raw meets. Prevent strangulation by keeping string toys and cords for your blinds neatly tied up. Plastic bags, food wrappers, and tins can also be dangerous. Also, keep your electrical cords protected by plastic runners as some cats are tempted to chew them. Shield any particularly strong sources of heat by using screens as the cat may burn itself.

Doors and windows

These areas, especially windows, are very important and tempting for a cat. Cats simply love staring through windows, so if there is a chance, deck out your windowsills to create a cozy spot for them to do so. While I love seeing a cat in a window, this can be problematic on several levels. Even though cats always land on their feet, falling or jumping from the sixth floor may cause injuries. Your cat can be tempted to wander off, even more so during the mating season. Depending on your apartment’s position, they will either end up wandering on your neighbor’s balcony and into their apartment or jumping on the street. There is no damage done if your neighbors are tolerant and not allergic and if your cat manages to survive the street and find its way back in. Using simple window screens can help you fight this but make sure you train your cat not to tear them.

The Furniture

In order to keep your cat agreeably amused, arrange your furniture so as to allow it to jump from one piece onto another. Since you want it to use your furniture only as stepping stones and finally settle in an area designated for it, makes sure you also have a piece which belongs to them. Be it a windowsill, the cat’s basket or a box, they have to have a resting spot. Having cat furniture such as climbing trees, scratchers and jumping shelves, or all of them combined, will help your cat stay happy and away from your furniture. It will also give them surfaces to scratch so they will easily accept it when you try to teach them that they should stay away from your sofa.

Give your cat what it wants

Cats are quite different from dogs in the sense that they are more independent and harder to train. You can tame them, but never completely train. This is why you will need to compromise in order for both, you and your cat, to live a happy life. Home and bathroom renovations are one way of doing this. Add a toilet paper dispenser which will make your cat’s job of stealing toilet paper very hard. Use bathroom cabinets which will help you store away all of the chemicals out of your cat’s reach. Create a play area with a cat flap leading to an outdoor room such as an enclosed balcony. This way, the cat may be less tempted to jump through a window. Replace any door handles with doorknobs to make it harder for a it to open doors. Remember that if a cat truly wants something, it will not give up. Be prepared to sacrifice any pieces of furniture or blankets if it is truly keen on them. It will make your pet happy and it will save you some nerves.

Resolving the issue of co-existing is one part of pleasing your cat. If there is any chance at all, consider letting your cat go outside as well. Make sure you train it to know where to look for you if you live in an apartment building, or how to let themselves in if you are in a house. A cat leash is no longer considered a strange thing so, at least, go for regular walks.

Posted in Training Tips by Leila Dorari on Dec 26, 2017 at 10:00 am

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