Should Your Pet Sleep on Your Bed?

By Samantha Kent on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:00 am

Should Your Pet Sleep on Your Bed?

An impressive 56 percent of dog owners sleep with their dog on the bed. As you and your pet grow closer together, you may be wondering if co-sleeping is in your future. The vast majority of pets would say, yes. However, you might be a little more reluctant and with good reason. Sharing your bed with anyone human or animal is a big decision. With an idea of the pros and cons, you should be able to come to a decision that benefits both you, your partner, and your pet.

Sharing Your Bed – Pros


One of the top reasons people let their pet in the bedroom, especially dogs, is for security purposes. Large dogs may deter an intruder while other animals may be more aware of nighttime danger like a fire. That sense of security helps many people sleep better.

Reduced Anxiety

Pets can have a calming effect, which can greatly benefit those who struggle with anxiety. In fact, your relationship with your favorite furry pal can cause the release of the hormone oxytocin. It helps people feel compassion and attachment towards another person, and in this case, a pet. That closeness and affection can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, a contributing cause to insomnia.


Did you ever sleep with a stuffed animal when you were a child? A pet is like the ultimate security blanket, warm and often very furry. For those who’ve lost a spouse or who have a spouse or partner who frequently travels.

Too Many in the Bed – Cons

Sleep Disturbances

Sometimes there are one too many bodies in the bed. Pets can be restless sleepers just like people. Whether your mattress is firm or made of memory foam, twitches and sudden barks can keep everyone awake. You both might end up fighting for space, sleep deprived, and irritable.


Allergy sufferers should definitely keep pets out of the bed and probably the bedroom. Pet hair and dander can attach to furniture and fabrics alike, aggravating allergies. The danger of closing airways outweighs the need to bond with your pet. You can spend plenty of time together during the day without putting your health at risk.

Sanitary Concerns

While your chances of getting a disease from your pet are small, pets do bring dirt and debris into bed. Then, of course, there’s the fur factor. You’ll have to up your housekeeping game to keep your bedroom tidy if you invite your pet into the bed.

You Can Make It Work

Sometimes you can find a happy medium. Large dogs may be happier with their own pet bed in the corner. A cat or small dog may be content with a pet bed small enough to be on the bed but out of your sleeping area. You’ll both be happier if you establish boundaries from the start. If there are areas of your bedroom or bed that you want to remain off-limits, be consistent and make your pet follow the rules from the very beginning.

The truth is – if you really want to share your bed, you can make it work. It’s important that everyone involved will be happy with your arrangements. You never know, your pack might be complete when you can all snuggle together.

Posted in Health by Samantha Kent on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:00 am

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