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Reasons Why Your Pet Should Be Your Workout Buddy

By Nemanja Marinkoff 45 hours from now


We all need proper motivation to get out of bed in the morning. For so many individuals around the world, pets represent a bundle of joy that encourages them to do just that. The fur-balls are proudly leading by example as unwavering sparks of energy that are motivated to do anything as long as it is in the right company - namely, you.

If this isn’t the reason enough alone to have your pet as a workout buddy, take a peek at some of the additional ones below!

Dogs are master runners - learn from them

Quality jog is a cornerstone of good exercise routine, and some pets - namely dogs - are particularly proficient at that. This is what makes them ideal co-runners. If you are afraid that it will turn into an unruly ride - have no worries. Just like humans, dogs are creatures of habit and if you get them used to running at a certain time, they will nag you to venture out themselves.

After a while, they will begin to expect a well-trodden trail and mimic you in every conceivable way, just without the equipment. Though, even dogs would wear a good pair of shoes if they could. Still, you should consider putting a dog vest on the side to dress them up just in case if the outdoor weather gets too chilly on occasion.

Let them motivate you

One of the main reasons why your canine companion will come to expect these runs with eager tail wiggle is rather simple - they can’t get enough of running around. As has been mentioned in the introductory section, your pets are bundles of energy and this fact alone can help motivate you.

They will practically force you to get out of bed in the morning and go out on occasion. You’ll hardly need an alarm clock ever again, especially if you are smart about the entire arrangement. How so? Force yourself to get up early a few times, take your pet out for a run around the block and the local park. The pet’s ‘inner clock’ will set as to expect this after a few mornings and, well, the rest is magic.

They will keep the social aspect around

Long workdays and short nights of respite dotted with training can get you feeling a bit lonely. Dogs are not only a great source of solace and comfort in that regard, but they can encourage you to communicate with other people during training, especially if the great outdoors is your playground.

For example, a jog through the park can lead to encounters with other runners that own pets. In general, pets are quite disarming as they do not ascribe to human social norms. Appropriately, they are excellent ice breakers to strike up a conversation and, who knows, get a workout buddy.

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They will keep your pace up

Many pets, dogs especially, can run relentlessly for long distances. If you keep them on the leash and if they are strong enough, they will encourage you to keep your pace up and make an additional effort. However, the mentioned ‘encouragement’ goes way beyond running. Let’s show this through an example.

You might be going through a few series of intense exercises on the lawn of the park, possibly supersets without rests in between. Suddenly, your faithful pet may observe a critter running up a tree, or another interesting pet. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will dash for the ‘target’, and you’ll have to shock your body with a surprise sprint after your beloved fur-ball.

Disease risk goes down

Finally, both you and your pet will benefit greatly from this conjoined effort. Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney disease, respiratory conditions and numerous forms of cancers - and you should know that the same counts for both of you!

Therefore, exercising with your pet is just common sense!


Did this cavalcade of reasons finally convince you to have a pet as your workout buddy? It can be so hard to find the necessary time to exercise, but you can fall back on a reliable life hack that entails killing two flies with one blow. Namely, you can have an intense workout and a quality bonding time with your pet, at the same time!

Posted in Fun Facts by Nemanja Marinkoff 45 hours from now

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