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Want To Buy Your Senior A Gift? Consider A Pet!

By Jackie on Nov 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm

Want To Buy Your Senior A Gift? Consider A Pet!

Marion Michele

If you want to buy a gift for the senior in your life, why not consider getting them a pet? There are many reasons why this will boost their happiness. Three different studies found that pets are important parts of our lives, and the research revealed some interesting results. Pet owners showed signs of greater self-esteem, they were less lonely, and more socially outgoing. They also showed signs of having healthier relationships with people, such as by being less fearful. These are all things that can benefit the seniors in your life, especially if you consider that they can be lonely and are prone to depression. Research by the University of California, San Francisco, has found that 18 percent of seniors live alone, and 43 percent of seniors feel lonely on a regular basis. 

Gone are the days when your grandparents had little kids to look after and tuck into their beds. Now that they’re suffering from empty nest syndrome, it can do them wonders to have someone else to look after – such as a cute dog of a loyal breed that offers companionship. The pet will also benefit because the senior might be retired and have lots more time as well as energy to dedicate to their furry companion. They’ll play with them and buy them luxurious beds or toys to enrich their lives. 

Giving your senior a pet can be a wonderful gift. Not only can it make them feel less alone because Fido will give them company, but it can improve their health in various ways.

Pets Give Seniors Exercise 

Exercise is important for people of all ages, but not always easy for seniors to do on their own. Dogs can be great companions and walking buddies for seniors. There are many benefits from exercise that apply to seniors, such as keeping their brains young and healthy. Exercise enables brain functions to remain optimal, such as multitasking, creativity and memory. In fact, exercise can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease which affects 5.5. million Americans.

They Keep Seniors Happy 

Who wouldn’t smile and chuckle at the cute things kittens and puppies do on a daily basis? They always give one a reason to feel happy, and happiness is good for the heart. In fact, studies by the American Heart Association found that heart attack patients are four times less likely to die if they own a dog. That’s because people who have pets have lower blood pressure and better heart health.

They Keep Seniors Involved In Life 

When buying your senior a gift you’ll have to consider their lifestyle. If you know your senior is active and misses having kids around, or is really lonely, a pet can be perfect for them. Having a pet can offer many valuable activities for seniors. These include making them interested in new things, such as looking after pets; getting out more, such as to bring pets to the vet or parlor; and go for walks in the park. It can even make seniors more social. By connecting with other pet owners, seniors can make valuable connections that keep loneliness at bay and can lengthen their lifespan. A study by the University of Chicago’s Center For Cognitive And Social Neuroscience found that people who feel lonely have a 14 percent higher risk of premature death. Being surrounded by others can lead to lower levels of depression, lower blood pressure, a greater sense of feeling life has meaning, and lower stress hormones in the body.

Seniors Can Recover From Illness Quicker When They Have Pets

Pets are amazing: they can comfort you and help you feel better when you’re down. But that’s not all that they can do. If the senior in your life has undergone a traumatic experience, such as an illness, having a pet around can help them heal faster. Research published on the U.S. National Library Of Medicine and National Institutes Of Health website found that patients who were in hospital for heart troubles and owned pets were more likely to survive after being released from a coronary care unit than patients who didn’t own furry friends. Another study published in the same report found that people who were being treated with anti-arrhythmia drugs and owned dogs were less likely to die within a year than those who owned other types of animals or didn’t own any pets at all.

There are many good reasons to have pets, and this is especially the case for seniors. Pets can make seniors happier, more social, healthier and give their lives greater purpose. So go on and spoil the senior in your life with the gift of a pet. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! 

Posted in Wag Worthy by Jackie on Nov 14, 2017 at 2:00 pm

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