6 Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

By Lannie on Jan 09, 2019 at 9:00 am

6 Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

Winter can be a crucial time for your pets. Even a simple walk can lead to sickness--if, for example, you go to places where the chemicals from street ice-melting agents are a poisonous threat to your pet.

Besides the natural environment risks, winter can also affect your pet emotionally. Now is the time to think about ways to adjust your schedule and home to give them the best care possible. If you plan now how to keep them safe and healthy, you won't have to worry about them falling ill or having unnecessary discomforts.

Here are 6 expert advice tips all pet owners should know, essential reminders for caring for your pet this winter

1. Keep your home humidified

Besides towel-drying your pet as soon as you come indoors, think about your home air. Ask yourself the following questions: Is the air indoors too dry for your pet? Is it too warm? If so, the dry air can cause discomfort such as itchy, dry, or flaking paws. Always remove and ice and sleet from your pet's paws, and monitor your home's humidity.

2. Keep your pets warm by minimizing trimming

Avoid shaving your pets completely in the winter. Allow their fur to grow more than usual, creating a warmer coat in the harsh winter season. If you must trim your pets, do so carefully. The hair on their paws and toes should be trimmed, however, to keep chemicals from de-icing agents and salt crystals out. You could also consider dressing your pets in coats when out for a walk.

3. Reduce your pet's bath time

Just as too much bathing reduces the natural oils from our human bodies, so can your pet be affected by too many baths during a cold spell. Ask your vet about the number of baths your pet should be having. Your vet can also recommend a good local moisturizing pet shampoo to use.

4. Make sure your pet is eating properly

Don't be surprised if your pet seems hungrier than usual. Your pet will need extra calories during the winter, as keeping warm means they are burning more energy than usual. Keep your hydrated with plenty of water, and feed them well so their nutrition level will be high during this crucial time.

5. Always remove salt and ice from your pet's paws

When you leave your house with your pet, bring a towel to keep their paws free of ice, snow, and salt. When brushing off ice and salt, check their paws for redness, cracks, or irritation.

6. Don't Neglect your pet's medication

It isn't just humans who are prone to winter cases of flu and other bacteria. Keep stocked with Sentinel Flavor Tabs during the winter. This will prevent heartworm and hookworm disease, control fleas, and common winter infections. You can use Sentinel if your dogs and puppies are four weeks of age and older.

Extra Pet Care and Comfort During Winter

The winter can be a gloomy time, not just for humans, but for your pets, too. Avoid leaving them alone for long periods of time at home, and never leave them alone outside in cars or parks. Pets can freeze to death, and this is not uncommon.

To see more options for pet medication during the winter, visit our website here. We also have more health tips for giving your pet the care, love, and daily routine they need.

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