How Do Summer Pests Affect Your Pet's Health?

By Meghan Belnap on Apr 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

How Do Summer Pests Affect Your Pet's Health?

If there’s one thing that your dog or even cat may love, it’s a warm summer day. Rolling in the grass, chasing down a bug, and sniffing all of the strange new smells are all part of your pet enjoying the warm weather. However, summer brings some pests with it, and these bugs might pose a health risk to your furry friends. We'll show you some of the main ways these pests can affect an animal's health and what you can do to prevent it.

Bugs Carry Diseases

Some summer pests are prone to diseases and can become unwitting carriers. If your pets spend any time outdoors, they are likely to pick up a few on their fur, or sniff at something they shouldn’t. Some pets like to smell or eat deceased bugs, and this practice can put any pet at risk for a disease. The best way to prevent this is to supervise your pet while they’re outside when possible. Don’t let them pick up and eat things they shouldn’t, even if it’s just some stray grass. Most importantly, make sure your pet gets regular trips to the vet for checkups, vaccinations, and flea treatments. 

Flies Bite

Even if your pets spend a lot of time outdoors, your home is their home too. Pests that can get indoors, such as flies, can agitate your four-legged friends or make them feel anxious in an environment that is meant to be calming for them and you. Flies are especially prone to linger around the ears, eyes, and other sensitive areas of your pet. Many flies can bite if left to linger, though more often than not, your pet will eat them first and pick up whatever disease they carry. Even if your pet doesn’t end up eating them, even by accident, flies landing in your pet’s food or water bowls can leave diseases behind, as well. The best way to prevent this is to keep flies out in the first place. Use bug screens, don’t leave your doors open, and avoid relying on your pets as a method of pest control.

Check Your Pest Control Substances

It's normal to use some substances as a way to curb a possible pest infestation. However, some of the kinds you can buy may contain chemicals that are toxic, especially to animals. These substances can get on plants or other surfaces with which your pet might come into contact. Consider all the pest control options at your disposal and choose the ones that don't harm your animal friends. This includes any sprays and insecticides that you might use in your yard. If you are unsure if something is safe or not, contact a local pest control service like American Pest Control Inc or others and ask about what chemicals are and aren’t safe for your pets to be exposed to.

Examine Your Pets Regularly

As mentioned, many kinds of bugs that you'll find in your yard can get into your pet's fur. In some cases, these are just relatively harmless pests that have gotten stuck. Even these kinds of bugs can cause some discomfort for your pet as they add an abnormal element to their hygiene. Note that other pests might cling to your pets as a way of sucking blood or otherwise becoming parasitic. Check your pets regularly for these kinds of problems. This means that even if your pet isn’t prone to shedding, you should brush their fur regularly to catch hitchhikers. It’s also important to check their eyes and ears regularly for irritation that could have come from infections or bug bites.

Pests are just one of the many natural things that come with this fun season. You don't have to let them ruin a good time or pose an undue risk to the health and safety of your cherished pets. Take a few simple measures as suggested to keep tabs on the health and safety of your pet, and you can greatly reduce the risk of them picking up parasites and diseases on warm summer days.

Posted in Health by Meghan Belnap on Apr 24, 2019 at 12:00 am

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