How to Choose the Perfect Bed for your Pet

By Lauren Colman on Sep 19, 2013 at 12:00 am

Our pets are wonderful companions that make our lives more fun and exciting. As part of the family, one way your dog can feel loved is through the comfort of a warm bed. While there are several choices on the market, here are a few key things you should consider when choosing a pet bed:


Comfort is the top of mind consideration when selecting a pet bed. Why else would you need one if not to create a cozy corner for your dog? This comfort depends on a variety of things such as the material it’s made of, the cushion, and the size. Make sure it is not made of any material that may cause discomfort to your dog. Look for ones that have a breathable covering and are allergy-free, like this Heels and Boots bed from P.L.A.Y.


Quality and durability

Our pets are very active and never run out of energy. They love to play, run around, lick, scratch, rub, gnaw, and chew, and they always have fun doing these things. Unfortunately, no matter how entertaining, these habits can cause chaos around the house! This is why you need to select a pet bed that’s made of high-quality materials, which are solidly pieced together to ensure years of usage. If you don’t have a sturdy cover, the bed will rip easily, thanks to your dog’s sharp claws! Select a comfortable bed that’s made with thick material to keep your pet cozy and warm for many years.

Style and design

 Style and Design

Let’s face it. The design or style of a pet bed is usually what makes us want to buy it! Can’t blame you though, because some doggie beds are just so irresistible! These dog beds, for example, come not only in different fabrics and prints, but also in various designs and shapes. To determine the best style for your dog, ask yourself what you think is the best match for him or her. Do the sides need to be elevated for a more comfortable rest or will a simple cushion do? Will a pad for your pet’s crate be enough or should you get an actual pet bed?


The comfort your dog gets when resting on his or her pet bed has a lot to do with its size. If your pet loves stretching out, make sure that the bed spans his or her entire body. Thus, when looking for a bed, measure your pet from nose to tail. Pets who like being cradled, especially the small ones, may like round, small beds better.

Perfect amount of filler

Just like humans, our pets get body aches and joint pains as they get older. That’s why we should find the perfect bed to reduce their discomfort. Select a thick foam to provide your old dog the best support that can relieve aches and pains. If you are not sure what feels cozy for your pet, buy a bed cover instead so you can choose your own filler and build the bed according to your preferred density and softness.

Selecting the perfect bed for your pet should not be taken lightly. Put the above considerations into mind to maximize the comfort your dog can get from his or her own personal space.


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