Paw Passengers: How to Pet-Proof Your Car

By Anita Ginsburg on Jul 08, 2019 at 12:00 am

Paw Passengers

We all love our furry friends, but traveling with them can do some damage to our car. Proper pet travel is important for your cat or dog’s safety as well as your vehicle’s interior. With the right equipment and some preparation, you can pet-proof your car and keep your four-legged friends safe.

Groom Before You Go

To avoid hair getting stuck all over your car’s seats, give your pet a thorough brushing before you head for your destination. This will remove any loose hairs or fur that would fly during the trip, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up after them later.

You should also have their nails trimmed or file them at home to prevent scratches.

Buy the Right Equipment

There are plenty of pet travel supplies that can keep your pet comfortable and car protected. Pet seat covers are the go-to since they’re easy to take on and off and are machine-washable. You can also invest in a cargo pet cover or car hammock, which prevent hair from gathering on your car’s floors.

Pet seat belts can also secure your pet and prevent them from spreading hair all over the car as they jump around and climb over seats.

Pet ramps or stairs can also help ensure that your dogs can enter and exit the vehicle without hurting themselves. These devices also protect your car’s paint, so you can save money on auto repair services.

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Use Window Shades

These are typically used for parents with babies, but your pets can benefit from them too! Shades will make your car more comfortable for your pet, which reduces stress and can help prevent an anxious dog from jumping around, drooling or even having an accident on your seats.

Use Lint Rollers

At road stops or between different destinations, run a lint roller over your car’s seats and floors to pick up any hair that has come loose from your pet’s coat during the ride. It’s also a good idea to carry a grooming brush in your glove box so you can give your hairy pet a cleaning on-the-go.

Pet-proofing your car should always be about safety first. Pet travel carriers and many other items protect your precious cargo while minimizing the amount of fur that winds up in your car

If you really find that your pet’s hair is too much to manage, consider talking to your vet and groomer to figure out which hairstyle works best for your needs. Some pets may also suffer from seasonal or dietary problems that make them shed more than necessary.

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