Momo Mondays: Stray or Lost?

By Play Admin on Aug 22, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Momo is like a child to us – as you know, one of our biggest fears is her getting lost. We’ve definitely taken precautions – she’s micro-chipped and we just got her an awesome PetHub collar. But what do you do if you find a dog roaming around on the street?

Today, on my drive home from the coffee shop I saw a lost dog running around – with my fear of losing my own dog, I couldn’t just let him (or her) run around on the street.Unfortunately, when I got out of my car to get a closer look, the pooch got spooked and ran away. After a depressing 15 minute search, I couldn’t find him. To ease my worry, I’m thinking (and really hoping) he ran home.

But here’s the question I post to you: What would you do if you found a lost dog?

Here are a few tips:

  • Approach the dog carefully and calmly. If you have food with you, now’s a good time to share. Remember, a frightened dog can act unpredictably and even bite or run. (Similar to my situation today…)
  • If you’re able to reach the pup, check to see if she has tags or tattoos (often in ears or inner legs).
  • If you’re not able to, call your local animal control agency to help.
  • Take the dog to your local shelter or pound. I know this is hard for many dog lovers (because we all fear the awful E word, “euthanize”) – however think about it. Where is the first place you would look for your dog? The shelter or pound.  If you’re like me, just fill out a found dog report and then take the pup home to foster while his owners are found.
  • Ask the shelter to check for a microchip. (What many owners don’t know is that once scanned, the microchip doesn’t provide any info – the scanner has to call the microchip company, who then tries to contact the owner.)
  • Make some FOUND DOG signs and post them while also looking for LOST DOG signs.
  • If someone calls you – ask them to describe the dog and any unique traits it may have (spot on ear, scar on leg, etc.)

Hopefully all of these steps will lead to a happy reunion! If the owner offers a reward, consider asking them to donate to local rescues or shelters.

Remember; don’t automatically assume the pet you found is a stray – assume that she is a loved family member waiting (and wanting) to go home.

Do you have any stories about finding a pup? We’d love to hear them – leave a comment below!

Posted in Momo Mondays Training Tips by Play Admin on Aug 22, 2011 at 7:58 pm


Cynthia Downer

said on Aug 22, 2011 at 9:17 pm
I'm known for that kind of thing by my family. It's nearly impossible for me to just drive past a dog I see running around outside. Doing that kind of thing is one of my biggest passions. Just yesterday I took TWO dogs back to their house that were running around the streets. Luckily one was in a small neighborhood, she was circling a couple of blocks but always returned to the same house so I knocked on their door and she was theirs. The other was a young husky puppy(3-4 months?) that was running around chasing a plastic water bottle on a VERY BUSY street. I called her and she ran up onto a porch so I knocked on their door and she was theirs. That one was hard to just walk away from though. With where those people live and the breed/age of dog they have they should really keep a better eye on her and I'm afraid it will happen again and I won't be there next time. I've also found a small schnauzer mix and a german shepherd and brought them to my house while I tried to find their owner. I found the german shepherd's owner through Craigslist. Getting ahold of the schnauzer's owner was difficult but I managed to do it. I called the vet's office that was on the dog's rabies tag, they said the phone numbers they had were all disconnected but they gave me the owner's name. I ended up finding one of her relatives - a cousin I think - through facebook and he gave me her current phone number. And the one non-successful stray that I picked up is now a permanent family member haha. I tried soo hard - craigslist, paper ads, left reports with all the local shelters, and had her scanned for a microchip. I found her running around inside a local grocery store taking advantage of the air conditioning!!

Play Admin

said on Aug 22, 2011 at 9:25 pm
Cynthia - Thank you so much for sharing! Your story is AMAZING and so heartwarming! You have such a big heart and I am sure the owners are so thankful that you helped reunite them with their pups. :)

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