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Momo Monday: 10 Things I Love About P.L.A.Y.!

By Momo, Chief Pug Officer on Jul 26, 2019 at 12:00 am


While most pups celebrate their birthday with a pawty and might continue celebrating throughout the week, I am one of those pups who likes to keep the pawty going all month long! I had a pawsome time celebrating my 10th birthday this year by hosting my very own giveaway. Being able to share the love and pawsitive vibes on my birthday made it feel so much more special and inspired me to share my ten favfurite things I love about P.L.A.Y. with you!

1. How P.L.A.Y. Got Started

If you don’t already know, my super cool pawrents started P.L.A.Y. when I was just a puppy. They couldn’t find the right pet bed for me that checked off all of their criteria. Comfy, stylish, machine washable, eco-friendly. There was nothing that met their needs at the time so they took it upon themselves to start P.L.A.Y. and design their very own eco-friendly and stylish pet products not just for me, but for furry furiends everywhere. You could say I’m one proud fur child!

2. Giving Back

At P.L.A.Y. we are all about giving back, and one of my favfurite ways that we give back is through our Bugging Out, Under the Sea and Safari plush toy sets. 2% of the purchase price will benefit the IFAW to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress.

3. Office Pup

One of my absolute favfurite things that P.L.A.Y. has given me is the opportunity to go to work every day with my pawrents. I have definitely grown accustomed to the office dog lifestyle and don’t plan on being a stay at home dog anytime soon. Some of the many perks of being an office dog include endless treats, lap naps and frequent chin scratchies. Plus, it’s important for me to be there when my coworkers need a furry friend to brighten up their day!

4. Model Behavior

Yes, it’s true, I am a Pug and therefore I have rolls. I may put on a brave face, but I hear the whispers and comments from my coworkers. Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s from all those late-night munchies. But sometimes it can make a girl feel a little self-conscious. Modeling P.L.A.Y. products has given me a whole new appreciation for my rolls and a more pawsitive body image. I embrace them and can’t wait to show them off! Hey, if you’ve got it flaunt it, am I right? Now I can eat all of the treats I want without feeling guilty and I am proud to be an inspiration for other dogs out there that have rolls just like me. Shout out to all my potatoes and loafs out there.

5. Momo Approved

One of my main responsibilities of being P.L.A.Y.’s Chief Pug Officer is testing out all of the dog products that we create. From plush toys to Lounge Beds, I’ve been there every step of the way trying them out and giving my pawrents feedback. I love working alongside my furry coworkers testing out all of the new products that my team comes up with.

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 6. Hello World

Buongiorno! Nǐ hǎo! Have I impressed you with my bilingual skills? Thanks to P.L.A.Y. I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world with my pawrents attending trade shows and meeting with potential new customers. I love meeting new people and getting to share P.L.A.Y.’s story and products with the world. Plus, you know your girl is always on the lookout for a new cuisine to try!

7. Furiends Furever

While I enjoy traveling the world, I have just as much fun meeting and collaborating with fellow U.S. brands. Through P.L.A.Y. I have been able to try out many different treat brands like Monmo Treats and Bocci’s Bakery. I love nomming on their treats in between modeling sessions at the office! I was recently gifted a Frenchie Bulldog harness and leash for my birthday and for once I was actually excited to go for a walk! Both the harness and leash are reversible, so I get to mix it up and rock two totally pawsome styles. I was also gifted a Clive and Bacon birthday bandana and I didn’t want to take it off. That may or may not have had to do with my genius thought that if I never took it off everyone would think it was my birthday every day and I would get never ending presents. (Brains AND beauty going on over here)

 8. Inclusivity

Something that is of the highest of importance at P.L.A.Y. is making sure that all of our products are inclusive to dogs of different breeds and ages and that have different play/sleep preferences. Our Best in Show Totes showcase just some of the pawsome breeds that are out there, along with a pup representing adoptable furry friends that can’t wait to find their forever home. Depending on whether your pup likes to sprawl out, curl up or rest their head on a ledge, we’ve designed pet beds to meet all of these needs. We also collaborated with Biff the Dog to create the collaborated Spiked! By P.L.A.Y. line to promote love and pawsitive vibes.

9. Local Pals

Through P.L.A.Y.’s Brand Ambassador Program I have met and made so many life-long furiends! I love when they stop by the office to say hello and we end up having an impromptu photoshoot. As a P.L.A.Y. model it’s a great way to keep me on my toes and get in some modeling practice. Attending local events is made even better when my furiends show up and hang out at our booth or tent! We love sharing toys and chatting about the latest gossip on the town.

10. Cheers!

Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name, and at P.L.A.Y. my name is sure to follow right behind it. It’s been surreal these past 10 years seeing my face on my very own business card, giant banners and on P.L.A.Y.’s website! If you would have told me when I was just a pup that I would be this famous I don’t think I would have believed you. But here I am, writing this blog and sharing with you just some of my favfurite things that I love about P.L.A.Y. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and for being a fan of P.L.A.Y.!!


Posted in Momo Mondays by Momo, Chief Pug Officer on Jul 26, 2019 at 12:00 am

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