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How to Best Keep Your Dogs from Escaping Your Yard

By Hannah Whittenly on Jan 16, 2017 at 1:00 pm

How to Best Keep Your Dogs from Escaping Your Yard

Dogs are curious by nature and want to explore. Once they have fully explored one area, they want to go check out something else. Sights and smells catch their attention, and many dogs breeds have genetic traits that automatically make them investigate a scent or track movements that are observed. These things can cause a dog to leave or escape from a yard. Here are the best ways to keep them safely in a yard.

Supervision Is Absolutely Necessary

It is not wise to leave your beloved dog alone outside under any circumstances. Dognapping occurs more often than one may think even though there is no coordinated tracking of statistics. Many missing dog signs posted on bulletin boards include a line about the animal being "stolen from yard." Also, dogs are at risk of predation in areas where large wild animals such as bears, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and alligators live. When you let your dog out to do his business or to play, keep an eye on him for his own protection.

Sturdy Cable Tie Out

A rope and a clip are nice, but constant exposure to the elements makes even good ropes weak. Dog tie-out cables are stronger, and your dog cannot chew through it and run the moment you turn your back for a few seconds. Be aware that tying your dog outside should always be done under supervision. Your dog can be accidentally strangled if he gets caught on an object, and tie-out cables do not prevent other animals or people from approaching your dog.

Invisible Fence Options

These generally work well to keep your dog from escaping the yard, but they do require training for the dog and those who will be letting him out. The training module that attaches to the collar must be charged and worn when your dog is outside. Invisible fences work by burying a wire in the ground, and your dog must wear a shock module on his collar. When your dog gets too close to the buried wire that acts as a boundary line, a shock is delivered to get him to not proceed. Some systems include a dummy module for your dog to wear on his collar after thorough training. The systems are not foolproof, and some sights, sounds and smells can overcome your dog's fear of being shocked. Plus, invisible fences do not stop other animals or people from coming into the yard after your dog.

Physical Barrier Fencing for Dogs

A sturdy fence, such as one that can be gotten from Deck and Fence Services and other such fencing stores, is the best method for keeping your dog from escaping your yard. There are different fence types that can be used to keep even the best escape artists confined to the yard. Ideally, your dog should not be able to jump over, climb over, dig under or push through the fencing material. Dogs are quite resourceful and some have even been known to climb chain link fences. There are many modern fence designs, though, that can keep even the most practiced canine escape artist from getting loose. Plus, real fences are great at protecting your dog from people, other pets and wildlife.

You owe it to your beloved pet dog to keep him safe in his own yard. Always keep an eye on him when he is outside. Secure hazards he can get into, including yard chemicals, fertilizers and compost piles. Consider a breakaway collar to aid in prevention of accidental strangulation, and be sure to have your dog microchipped in case he does escape and gets lost.

Posted in Training Tips by Hannah Whittenly on Jan 16, 2017 at 1:00 pm

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