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Just Pets: How to Transform Your Home into an Animal-Proof Space

By Meghan Belnap on Jan 14, 2018 at 10:00 am

Just Pets: How to Transform Your Home into an Animal-Proof Space

Whether you are bringing a new pet into your home or you have been a pet owner for years, it makes sense to learn more about pet-friendly spaces. Just because a pet has lived in your home without incident for months or years does not necessarily mean that your home is as safe as it possibly could be. By learning more about the steps that you can take to improve animal safety in your home, you can potentially deter many kinds of accidents from happening.

Look for Obvious Dangers

There are many dangerous substances that your pets can come in contact with. This ranges from poisonous house plates and foods that they should not eat to insecticides, cleaning products and more. Just because these items are tossed in a trash can with a lid or stored behind a closed cabinet door does not mean that your home is safe.

Pets can open trash can lids, cabinet doors, and other concealed areas through their resourcefulness. Investing in child safety latches for the cabinets and taking out the trash when unsafe items are tossed away are excellent steps to take. You also should educate yourself about unsafe foods and plants that you may need to steer clear of.

Choose Pet-Friendly Upholstery

When you think about pet-friendly upholstery, you may think about upholstery that is easy to clean. However, it also should be difficult for animals to chew or shred with their claws. When the upholstery is not fully intact, there is a risk that the animal will consume unhealthy or even toxic materials. Choking is also a concern. You may need to re-upholster your furnishings with upholstery from a place like Just Upholstery if you want your home to be safe for your pets.

Give Your Pets a Place of Their Own

Pets may get into less trouble when they have a comfortable space of their own. This may be a place where they have a comfortable cushion or blanket to lay on, plenty of food and water and even some toys or chews. When pets are comfortable in their own space, their interest in exploring other areas and getting into trouble may be diminished.

Consider the Benefit of Animal Doors

Doggy and kitty doors that lead to the outdoors are generally installed so that animals can get in and out of the house for potty purposes. However, these animal doors can also promote their safety. For example, if a fire breaks out in your home when you are not home, the pets have a way to get out of the house to escape the danger. Likewise, if a predator is in the backyard or if a bad storm develops, pets can seek shelter indoors.

In most homes, pet owners can take numerous steps to promote the comfort and safety of their pets. Analyze your home environment to see which of these tips applies to your situation. In some cases, small changes can have significant benefits.

Posted in Fun Facts by Meghan Belnap on Jan 14, 2018 at 10:00 am

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