How to Teach Kids to Properly Groom and Bathe Their Cat

By Rachelle Wilber on Aug 26, 2017 at 9:00 am

How to Teach Kids to Properly Groom and Bathe Their Cat

Most kids relish the thought of having a pet of their own. Animals provide companionship and can be fun to play with as well. However, children can also learn a lot about being responsible by owning an animal. Let's look at how parents can teach their kids to properly groom their feline friends.

Start By Demonstrating the Process

First, you will want to show your children the proper technique as it relates to grooming or bathing a cat. This is because they can be finicky when it comes to being touched or placed into water. Ideally, you will groom a cat when it is tired or after it has eaten as it is less likely to fight back. When bathing a cat, it may be best to wrap it up before putting it in the water to reduce the odds of it scratching or biting your child.

Make Sure That Your Child is Gentle

It is important that children know that a cat's fur can become tangled or matted just like their own hair. As they likely know how much it can hurt to remove a tangle, they may be more likely to go easy on the animal. Professionals, like those at All Creatures Inn, know how important it is to keep your cat comfortable during a bath. They should also be taught to start at the top of the cat's head and work to the base of the tail.

Keep the Cat Comfortable in the Water

To a cat, being placed in water can be a traumatizing experience. However, it may be possible to make the experience easier by using warm water and making sure that soap stays out of the animal's eyes. Any soap or cleaning agent used on the animal should be removed as quickly as possible, and the cat should be wrapped in a warm blanket after it gets out of the tub.

Always Give the Cat a Treat Afterward

A cat is more likely to submit to a grooming or bathing session if it gets a reward for doing so. Offering food or extra play time after getting clean may make the animal feel like the ordeal was worth it. If you are lucky, the cat will like its brush and will consider getting brushed to be a reward.

If you treat your animal right, your animal is more likely to trust you during bath time or whenever you need to cut its nails. As a parent, it is important to show your child how to take care of a cat's needs in a way that keeps it calm and comfortable at all times.

Posted in Health by Rachelle Wilber on Aug 26, 2017 at 9:00 am

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