How to Protect Your Dog's Health With the Proper Diet

By Meghan Belnap 58 days ago at 12:00 am


Although dogs can be our best friends, they aren’t little humans. They have specific health needs that may be different from ours. That’s why it’s not always best to just feed them food off the table. The best way to ensure that your dog remains healthy is to give him the right nutrients at the right times. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Choose the Right Food

While it’s good to have at least a bag or two of shelf stable food for your dog in case of emergencies, that shouldn’t be the food you feed your dog most of the time. Those foods don’t have live enzymes in them, which dogs (and humans) need to survive and thrive. Instead, make sure that the food you feed your dog most of the time is a fresh, natural pet food. These foods have the proper mix of ingredients, like vitamins, minerals and enzymes that keep your dog healthy.

The Stage of Life

This suggestion is related to the food suggestion above, but takes it a step further. WebMD Pets reminds dog owners that they should choose a food that fits the dog’s stage of life. Is your dog older? A puppy? Pregnant with pups? Each of these life stages requires a specific set of nutrients that provide the maximum nutrition for the stage of life that your dog is in.


Just like you, your dog needs plenty of water. However, not just any water will do. Make sure you have fresh, clean water that’s absent chemicals, like fluoride, if that’s an option for you. Just as it’s bad for you to drink, it’s also bad for your dog. If you have a water filter, make sure that your dog’s water is filtered. Also, make sure your dog always has a fresh supply, especially in the summer.

Limit Snacks and Treats

It’s hard to resist your pup’s face when he’s begging for a doggy treat or even a bite of your peanut butter sandwich, and while an occasional treat is okay, too many can pack the pounds onto your dog. Worse yet, many human treats, like peanut butter, contain sugars that cause diseases, like cancer.

Your dog is as healthy as the food you feed him. Just as humans don’t thrive on an unhealthy diet, neither do dogs. Your dog’s diet should be natural, rich in nutrients and right for his age. Finally, don’t forget that your dog needs plenty of water, too.

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Posted in Health by Meghan Belnap 58 days ago at 12:00 am

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