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How to Make Your Own DIY Dog Perfume

By Leanna Serras 7 days from now at 12:00 am

You love your furry best friend. They’re there for you through thick and thin, highs and lows, rain or shine. Yes, even in the rain. Or, after they dive into a lake. Or roll around in who knows what on your afternoon run. You won’t stop loving them, but let’s be honest — our pups can get a little stinky every now and then.

Of course, we bathe our dogs regularly and groom them appropriately, but too much bathing is actually quite harmful to our pets. We can do our best to dry them off or wipe off whatever they may have gotten themselves into — but the truth is, it’s sometimes hard to get a smell of their coats.

Luckily, there is a solution that we feel works almost every time. Essential oil dog perfume.

Just as with human application of essential oils, these natural beauty products have started to make their way into the pet market and with good reason. Not only are they soothing for our puppers, but also a way to help make them smell great for cuddling to our (and their) hearts’ content.

First, the perfume is relatively sustainable. With climate change and pollution on the front of everyone’s mind, buying synthetic fragrances for our dogs is only contributing to the eco problems of the world. Essential oil containers are reusable, and the oil itself can be responsibly sourced.

In addition, these delicious aromatics are 100 percent natural and unharmful to pets — in fact, many have relaxing effects.

The best part (in my opinion)? You can make your own!

There are many different types of oils to use, and below FragranceX highlights which essential oils are best for dogs. But, the steps to make your own doggy perfume are quite simple.

First, pick which oil you want to use. Each one has a specific benefit to it, so make sure to have your pup’s tendencies in mind when choosing. Lavender can help calm anxious dogs, while peppermint can have joint soothing properties. Either way, they all smell great.

Then, add 6 drops of this oil into a 4oz. spray bottle, add warm water to fill it up, shake and you’re good to go

That easy! When applying, just make sure to avoid your dog’s head. Otherwise, spray away.

This isn’t a solve-all perfume, but for special occasions, during walks or after being caught in the rain it’s a nice supplement. Plus, the benefits of the oil itself is always nice. Check out the full scoop on DIY dog perfume below. 


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Posted in Fun Facts by Leanna Serras 7 days from now at 12:00 am

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