How to Help Your Dog Move to a New Dog Food Brand

By Meghan Belnap 18 days ago at 12:00 am


Dog owners know that the brand or type of food their favorite furry friends eat can be an important consideration. Sometimes, people find a different brand of food than the one their pet is currently used to, and they want to switch to a new product for a variety of reasons. Not all dogs like these kinds of changes to their diets, but this list will show you a few of the ways you might convince your dog to try something a bit different.

Follow a Transition Schedule

It's best not to just switch out a dog's food dish completely on the first day that you might want to try a new brand. This kind of rapid change can overwhelm a pet and cause the animal not to eat at all. There is also a safety concern, and any dogs that do eat the food might experience stomach issues thanks to the change in diet. While there is no one schedule you should stick to, you can try putting current dog food on the top layer of the bowl with a smaller layer of new food for the first couple of days. After about a week, it should be okay to move a pet to the new food entirely.

Season the Food

Much like humans, many dogs appreciate the smells or tastes that different seasonings can add to food. If your pet is struggling to adapt to a different brand choice, a dog food topper might be just the ticket. These seasonings can add some of the flavors or smells that your canine companion is used to already and may make new dishes or brands more palatable until the dog becomes used to them. Many of these toppers provide blends of animal products a pet might prefer, such as turkey or chicken.

Add Some Extra Exercise

It's normal for a dog to not eat as much of a new food brand as the current one. However, it's important to get a pet up to speed and back to the usual dietary habits as soon as possible. A dog owner might help this process along with some vigorous sessions of walking or exercise. A sedentary dog will eat when their favorite food is available, but a dog with a healthy metabolism will have the appetite to step outside their comfort zone and eat unfamiliar things when necessary.

Alter the Food

Although you can add dog food toppers, there are other ways to change a pet's means if they are not enjoying the new brand. If the food is canned, try warming it up to enhance the smell of it. If it is dry, add some water to soften it. This can be especially helpful if you’re moving your dog from wet to dry food, as they won’t be used to the hard texture and will need to get used to the taste first.

Dogs can seem to be just as picky eaters as some humans. Some canines may not like the taste, textures, or smells of different brands of food you would like them to try. A proper diet is important for all pets, and some of the above tips can help caring dog owners move them to a new food they will grow to enjoy.

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Posted in Health by Meghan Belnap 18 days ago at 12:00 am

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