How to Clean Excessive Dog Hair Out of Your Car

By Anica Oaks on Jul 03, 2019 at 12:00 am


How to Clean Dog Hair

Dogs are amazing, but their fur? Not so much. Your furry friend may shed far more than you'd like, and if you often take your dog with you in the car, your vehicle can quickly become overrun with dog hair.

Use a Harness or Doggy Seat Belt

A seat belt or car harness protects your pup and prevents them from moving around while you drive. They'll still be comfortable, but their fur will have less room to fly all over your vehicle and cling to your seats.

Use Rubber Cleaning Mitts

Buy some rubber cleaning gloves with silicone scrub fibers. Dampen them with some water and run your hands across the seat to push all of the individual strands of hair into a ball. You can also mist your car's seats with some pet hair removal spray, which can also kill odors and lift stains.

You may be wondering whether you can ever really get all the traces of your pet out of your car. If it's been years since you last cleaned, you're probably wondering, "Who will buy my junk car with it looking like this?" Do your best to clean the upholstery as much as possible, then look for the right seller so you can upgrade.

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Try Balloons

Blow up a pack of cheap party balloons and rub them over the surface of your seats. The static electricity will lift the hairs embedded in the fabric and help you clean your car without having to spend hours combing, plucking and pinching fur out of the upholstery.

Your dog may also have a fun time playing with the balloons in the backyard when you're done. Just make sure that you keep a close eye on them as they play.

Prepping Your Dog Ahead of Time

Getting ready to go for a car ride is exciting for dogs. Before you let them in your car, give them a thorough brushing and remove any loose hair that would otherwise wind up on your seats. Make sure that you invest in the right type of brush for your dog's coat so it collects as much as it can and leaves your pet looking and feeling their best.

If your dog's hair is still too hard to manage, consider adding some pet seat covers to your car. These are machine-washable and can easily be taken off and cleaned when they've gathered too much hair. Your seats will stay protected from fur, scratches and stains while your pet stays comfortable and happy as ever.

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