How to Care for Your Pets During Social Distancing

By Charlotte Miller 38 days ago at 12:00 am


Social distancing is not only challenging for us, but also for our pets who may be experiencing all kinds of changes to their normal daily life.

In this article, Charlotte from Breed Advisor shares her helpful advice on how to care for your animals during the Coronavirus pandemic.

For Our Dogs

1. Get into your new routine

Dogs do tend to like some structure to their day. When meals, games, and exercise take place at predictable times, they can then relax in between these highlights of their day.

2. Maintain your dog's independence.

If you're usually away from home during the day, remember to include some time when you're physically separated from your dog. Your dog will love having you around all the time, but when you do go back to your regular routine, they may then find it difficult to cope without you.

3. No walks, no worries!

If you have to reduce the amount of exercise that your dog can have away from home, then other activities are needed to provide mental and physical stimulation. Try hiding treats or toys around the house or garden for your dog to find. This might be the perfect opportunity to brush up on that obedience or to teach some new tricks. Remember, it should be fun for both of you so, use lots of treats and toys for rewards and keep the training sessions nice and short.

For Our Cats

1. Provide indoor fun

Many cat owners have decided to keep their cats inside during these challenging times. For your cat, that means a huge reduction in the amount of stimulation and exercise that they may be used to. This is the time to be inventive and find games which your cat really enjoys. These are our favorite feline games:

  • A feather tied to the end of a stick and then bounced around the room is irresistible to most cats!
  • Try hiding treats in cardboard boxes for you cat to sniff out
  • Check out the apps now available for cats. There are now several games which your cat can enjoy playing, including virtual mouse and butterfly chasing!

2. Keep litter trays scrupulously clean

If your cat usually toilets outside, then they will be used to using a clean area of ground to relieve themselves each time. Soiled litter trays may encourage them to find somewhere else in the house to do their business!

For Our Small Pets

1. Provide a quiet sleeping area

Many small pets are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day and are then more active at night. If the daytimes have become nosier because the family is now around, you may need to move your pet's home to a quieter area.

2. Monitor handling times

Handling can be stressful for small pets if they're not used to it, or there is more than usual. Children may want to interact with their pets more while they're at home more but introduce supervised handling time to ensure positive interactions.

Planning for Your Pets Wellbeing

  • If your pet has regular medication, then it's important to get in touch with your veterinarian's office to find out how to get a repeat prescription before you run out.
  • Take a moment to write down all the important information about your pet and their care, and then leave it somewhere prominent. If you should become unwell, then whoever helps to look after your pets will be able to ensure that all their needs are met.
  • Avoid bulk buying, but make sure you have enough of your pet's regular food to last a few weeks. If you need to swop the food to a different type, build in enough time to slowly switch over to the new brand.

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Posted in Health by Charlotte Miller 38 days ago at 12:00 am

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