Happy Howl-o-ween: the Surprising Benefits of Pumpkin for Your Dog

By Lizzie Weakley 10 days ago at 12:00 am


With Halloween right around the corner, pumpkin is all the rage. While humans enjoy their fair share of this orange delight, dogs are partial to this fruit as well. Best of all, your pooch benefits from snacking on this tasty treat. Here’s how pumpkin can be advantageous to your dog’s health.

Boosts Immune Health

Good health hinges on adequate vitamin C intake. Fortunately, pumpkin is chock-full of this ascorbic acid. The antioxidants found in pumpkin promote optimal well-being by destroying free radicals. In other words, eating pumpkin can help lower your dog’s chances of getting cancer. As an organic source of vitamin C, pumpkin is touted as one of the healthiest foods you can feed your beloved pet.

Makes for a Scrumptious Snack

Dogs relish the taste of pumpkin. They enjoy it so much that some dog training services use pumpkin as a treat to reward pups for mastering a command. From its rich flavor to its creamy essence, dogs go gaga over pumpkin snacks.

Rich with Nutrients

Much like vitamin C, pumpkin is rife with vitamin A. Potassium, magnesium, and iron can also be found in pumpkin. Together, these elements pack a healthy punch. If your pup struggles with high blood pressure, muscle weakness, or poor metabolism, pumpkin may be the antidote you’ve been waiting for.


It’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from dehydration. It’s difficult for them to reach their daily water quota when they subsist on dry food. What’s more, dog food is notorious for its low moisture content. Adding pumpkin to their diet is an excellent way to combat dehydration. Pumpkin contains copious amounts of water and offers a natural approach to hydrating your pooch.

Improves Poor Digestion

If your dog is passing hard stools or barely poops at all, it’s a telltale sign of poor digestion. Pumpkin is high in fiber and helps soften stool. Not only does this mean less painful trips to the bathroom for your dog, but it can cure constipation as well. Oddly enough, if your dog is diarrheal, pumpkin can also remedy an overactive bowel. In essence, pumpkin can assist in regulating your pup’s digestive process.

If you’re considering giving your pooch a taste of the finer things in life, why not go with pumpkin? In addition to its deliciousness, it’s also exceedingly healthy.

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Posted in Fun Facts by Lizzie Weakley 10 days ago at 12:00 am

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