4 Family Games for You, Your Kids, and Your Pets

By Emma Sturgis on Feb 22, 2018 at 10:54 am

4 Family Games for You, Your Kids, and Your Pets

The pleasures of family life can reach far beyond the usual conversations, shared meals, and movie nights. The family that plays together stays together. Keeping with this sentiment, it would make your family unit even stronger to include the family pets in your family events. This includes family game night. If you’re interested in learning more about fun family games that can include your pets, continue reading.


The game of catch is a staple pastime of everyone’s childhood. What’s so wonderful about the game of catch is that even your family pet can get involved. If you’re a family that owns a cat, you’re less likely to get them to join in the fun. However, a family that owns a dog who loves to run and can fetch things will find that the family pet will become an enthusiastic extra player.


A beloved outdoor leisurely game, Frisbee can be enjoyed by everyone in the entire family. This includes the family pet. On a bright, warm day, there’s nothing better than taking the family out into the yard to toss the Frisbee around with the family pet. Frisbees are highly inaccurate and can sail off into a neighbor’s yard or into a street. To keep your family and your pet safe, consider installing a chain link fence around your yard, like those offered by F & W Fence Company, Inc. Even if the Frisbee flies over the fence, your children and pets will be unable to chase it and enter into a potentially dangerous situation.

Obstacle Course

The fun that can be had by attempting the completion of an obstacle course isn’t just reserved for athletes on television. Create your own obstacle course at home using safe objects that have no jagged edges, are cushioned, and can be enjoyed by humans and pets alike. Some obstacles that would be appropriate are jumping over pool noodles that are spaced out on the ground, a fetch race, or a maze made out of sheets and lines of string.

Treasure Hunting

Something children love to do as soon as they watch their first pirate cartoon, treasure hunting can be enjoyed by both children and pets. Hide cherished items for your children, such as candy or toys, and hide pieces of treats for your pets.

Keep in mind that if your pets are of a more advanced age, they may not be able to keep up with your children or the pace of the game. Pay special attention to them to ensure they’re not playing too hard and if they seem winded or tired, let them rest and give them plenty of love.

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