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4 Different Types of Boundaries That Are Important to Teach Your Dog

By Hannah Whittenly on Jul 28, 2018 at 10:00 am

4 Different Types of Boundaries That Are Important to Teach Your Dog

No question: your dog is a huge and special part of your life. However, it’s also important to establish boundaries in and out of the home. This way you and your furry friend can enjoy your time together in a safe and happy way.

Remember, You’re the Boss

You own your dog, not the other way around. Set up a routine that shows your dog who’s in charge. For example, make sure that you’re the one who goes through doorways first, and keep your dog at heel when you’re taking them for walks. This doesn’t have to be aggressive. Don’t use a shock collar! Instead, emphasize control using a shorter leash at the doorway until your dog can learn to wait on their own without one. During walks, use a longer leash, but keep a firm grip on it so they follow you instead.

“People Food” Is Not for Dogs

The kitchen is full of exciting sounds, smells, and tastes that your dog drools over. If you’re not careful, they can jump up onto the counter in pursuit of tasty morsels. Don’t encourage your dog by feeding them scraps. They may come to view that as a reward. Make it clear that they have their own, separate meals. Read the label on their food to determine how often you should feed them. Then fill their bowls only at this time instead of leaving it full all day. Not only does this create good manners, it keeps your dog at a healthy weight.

Physical Boundaries Are Important, too

Clear routines in the home help train your dog and maintain your own sanity. It’s equally crucial to turn this attention outdoors as well. A cedar fence from City Wide Fence Co. Is a literal way to show your dog where it’s appropriate to go and how far their territory extends. Cedar blends into the environment so it’s a gentler reminder for them—and easier on your eyes, too.

Help Them Welcome Guests Appropriately

Simple Training is all that’s needed here. Restrain your dog by putting them in a crate or another room before and during the visit. This is a useful step while they’re still learning how to behave. As the two of you become more confident, start teaching your dog the “sit” command. Involving a loved one in the process helps encourage obedience with a guest your dog already knows.

Good behavior sets the foundation for a lifetime of fun with your dog. Establishing these habits is an excellent leadership experience for both of you!

Posted in Training Tips by Hannah Whittenly on Jul 28, 2018 at 10:00 am

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