Puppy Health: 5 Reasons to Have Annual Checkups for Your Dog

By Lizzie Weakly on Oct 22, 2018 at 10:00 am

Puppy Health: 5 Reasons to Have Annual Checkups for Your Dog

Even if you feel that your dog is just looking for handouts and not pulling his weight, you still owe it to him to give him great care. After all, who is going to bark incessantly at the mailman when he brings you your bills. Here are five reasons that you need to take your dog to get an annual checkup.

Get Vaccines and Medicines

Taking your pet for pet consultations annually ensures that they stay current on all their vaccines. Furthermore, the veterinarian will run tests to make sure that the dog does not have heartworms and give you medicine to prevent them in the future. Likewise, the veterinarian will examine your dog for parasites and prescribe treatment to keep them away.

Spot Problems Early

Taking your dog to a vet annually is also a great way to spot problems early. Many pets have fatal diseases that stay hidden for years without showing any symptoms until it is too late. Approximately 10 percent of dogs will develop some type of kidney problem during their lifetime while over 50 percent of dogs older than 10 will develop some form of cancer.

Get Educated

The field of veterinary medicine is constantly advancing. When you see your vet at least annually, then he can inform you of things that he has recently learned that can affect the health of your animal. It is also a great time for the professional to remind you of safety precautions that you may have gotten lax on enforcing. The vet may also have specific recommendations on the dog’s diet.

Changing Health Needs

Dogs have different needs at different stages of their lives. Puppyhood generally lasts from the time that they are born until they are six months old, and the vet will be looking for any signs of weaknesses so that he can prescribe supplements. From six months to 18 months, dogs are experiencing adolescence, and vets will be looking for signs of any infections. Foot and paw problems are common during your dog’s adult life that normally lasts from 18 months until about age 10. A dog’s old age often brings with it vision problems.

Resolve Problems Early

While many complain that an annual exam is unnecessary, the majority of dog owners are thankful they carried through with this task. Since the sooner problems are spotted, the cheaper they are to treat in most cases. Therefore, taking a dog to the vet annually may save you money in the long run.

There are many different reasons that you need to make sure that your dog gets its annual exam. Make sure to schedule one very soon. Then, mark your calendar to remember to do this every year.

Posted in Health by Lizzie Weakly on Oct 22, 2018 at 10:00 am

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