Sick Puppy? 5 Canine Conditions to Be Aware Of

By Rachelle Wilber on May 20, 2016 at 10:28 am

Sick Puppy? 5 Canine Conditions to Be Aware Of

When a new puppy is introduced to the family, it's often an exciting time. The puppy needs to get adjusted to the routines of the family members by playing, sleeping and exploring on his own time. There are a few heath conditions that you want to be aware of in case your puppy starts to show signs of being sick. Some of the conditions can be prevented with vaccines at an early age.


This is one of the most common diseases that puppies can get. It can be contracted by simply walking on a floor where other dogs that have the disease have been. There is a vaccine that can be given when the puppy is about 12 weeks old. A booster will need to be given a few months later. Parvo is a condition that will weaken the heart and the intestines. Puppies might exhibit diarrhea and vomiting as well as a fever.


Some puppies like to eat a little too much food at one time. This can result in the food expanding the stomach. Air can't escape because the stomach is too full. It can result in salivating and restlessness. Try feeding the dog small amounts at a time until he understands that he doesn't have to eat everything at once.

Lyme Disease

When ticks bite dogs, they can spread Lyme Disease. It's a common illness and is spread once the infected tick has been on the dog for about 18 hours. The disease can end in kidney failure and the stiffening of the muscles. One of the ways you can prevent the spread of the disease is to keep pests under control in your home. Some infestations require experts, like pest control Carlsbad, by Bull’s Eye.  Making sure to take care of all the important parts of the home can help keep pests out. This can help eliminate some of the ticks that might linger around the exterior of the home and in the immediate yard.


Mosquitoes can cause heartworms after only one bite. This is a serious ailment as the worms can constrict the heart. As many as 250 worms can live in the dog at one time. These are common in puppies and can be prevented with medication.


Your puppy will likely begin to explore every area in the home, even the kitchen. It's important to keep foods away from puppies as they will try to eat anything they can put in the mouth. Chocolate poisoning can be avoided if you keep sweet treats stored away. Chocolate can cause seizures, a heart attack or death depending on how much is consumed.

There is a wide range of conditions that can affect your puppy. Some can be prevented by a simple vaccine while others are prevented by keeping items away from the area where the dog explores. Monitor the puppy for any abnormal behavior, taking him to a vet if there are any concerns.

Posted in Health by Rachelle Wilber on May 20, 2016 at 10:28 am

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