Feline Teeth: Does Your Cat Really Need Dental Care?

By Hannah Whittenly on Mar 15, 2017 at 11:46 am

Feline Teeth: Does Your Cat Really Need Dental Care?

Chances are that if a cat could chuckle, the feline would want a cavity-free set of choppers. It is estimated that around 68 percent of cats over the age of three may be dealing with a dental disease. Sadly, that same survey shows that 59 percent of pet owners are unaware of this problem, which makes the following points even more important.

Not Self-Reliant

The first thing you need to consider is the misconception that your cat is self-reliant. This is perhaps one reason why people flock to cats, but it is not totally true. Cats can clean their bodies well enough, but they do not possess the same self-cleaning skills regarding their mouths, so they do need additional help.

The Modern Diet

There was a time when cats simply ate small prey. The cat's teeth were meant to rip apart the meat of the prey and tear it into manageable pieces so that the cat could swallow the food. Raw meat does not break down easily, meaning there was hardly any residue left behind, which kept a cat's teeth relatively clean. The food that cat's eat now breaks down easily and leaves a lot more residue behind, which could explain the dental issues cats may often deal with.

Check for Neck Lesions

One important reason to make sure your cat visits a veterinarian, such as 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, is because cats are prone to developing odonclastic resorpitive lesions. Some call these feline caries. They are erosions that appear on your cat's dental enamel, which can cause your cat a lot of grief. The cells near the gum line have been blamed for this disorder, and they end up attacking your cat's dental roots. Your veterinarian should be able to notice early signs of this problem through a regular checkup and help you rectify it.

Brush-Less Home Life

One major reason you should check on your cat's oral health deals with the fact that many cat owners do not even bother to brush their cat's teeth. A survey shows that only 10 percent of cat owners practice this very important task. Yes, it is true that brushing a cat's mouth is relatively hard, which is why it is important to ask your veterinarian for additional help to make sure you do not forget this chore.

Now, you know why your cat needs to maintain its oral health. Hopefully, these points make that clear and also help you improve your cat's oral health.

Posted in Health by Hannah Whittenly on Mar 15, 2017 at 11:46 am

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