Creative Homemade Treats to Make for Your Dogs

By Jennifer Landis 31 days ago at 12:00 am


Anyone who's proud to call themselves a dog parent wants to spoil their pup. You may browse the canine clothes and accessories at your local pet store or custom order a leash for them to show off during walks. There are tons of options when you want to get them a new toy or dog bed, but you might feel limited when it comes to treats.

Pet stores have multiple treat brands to choose from, but they never seem to change. There isn't a ton of variety in flavors and sizes, especially if you have a dog with dietary restrictions. When you want to spoil your dog with some new treats, it's time to get creative at home.

Check out these creative homemade treats to make for your dogs any time of the year. They'll love the flavors and fresh ingredients, but you may enjoy the affordability even more.

1. Bacon Peanut Butter Glaze Treats

When you imagine a dog treat, you probably picture a biscuit shaped like a bone. They're a traditionally cute way to give your dog something special to eat and they're easy to recreate at home.

Once you don your apron and chef's hat, mix up the biscuit dough with ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin and whole wheat flour. After they cook, drizzle a fancy glaze made out of bacon grease and more peanut butter. Any dog will go nuts for this new kind of baked treat that uses all their favorite foods.

2. Dog Donuts With Yogurt Frosting

Your whole family can help make these dog donuts if you have the necessary ingredients and a little Greek yogurt in your fridge. Pack the dough into a donut pan and spread the yogurt frosting over the top to finish the treats. They'll last in the refrigerator or freezer, so your dog can get a treat whenever you want over the coming weeks.

3. Wild Rice and Chicken Biscuits

Dogs with sensitive stomachs will love wild rice and chicken biscuits because they contain all-natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients. Although the recipe isn't grain-free, it cooks in minutes and the cookies keep in the freezer for up to six months. Check these out the next time you find yourself with a little extra chicken and rice in your house.

4. Cranberry and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Some dogs struggle with urinary tract issues or frequent bowel movements. Whip up a few cranberry and pumpkin dog treats to help solve both of the problems. These cookies will soothe their gut and urinary tract with antioxidants and fiber. Cut them into cute shapes for adorable results.

5. Easy Puppy Pizza

Give your dog the taste of something brand new with puppy pizza. The small size, fresh meat and dog-safe toppings result in a delicious meal or treat, depending on how you portion it out. It's also safe for dogs with blood pressure issues because the ingredients are low in sodium.

6. Frozen Fruit Pupsicles

Is your dog tired of bacon, peanut butter and chicken? They'll love the fresh new taste of frozen fruit popsicles. Find an ice cube tray that makes cute shapes and combine watermelon with carrots in a blender on the puree setting. Freeze overnight for a sugar-free, summer treat for your best four-legged friend.

7. Cinnamon Apple Biscuits

Once you smell these cinnamon apple biscuits, you may find yourself tempted to eat one along with your dog. The recipe calls for healthy ingredients like whole wheat flour, applesauce and cinnamon. Bake them for 20 minutes to get tasty, crunchy cookies your dogs are sure to love.

8. Breath-Freshening Natural Treats

Your dog loves to explore, which means they lick and bite anything in their path. Whether they're dragging sticks inside, eating whatever they can find in the yard or rooting through the trash for leftovers while you're not looking, your dog's breath can stink.

Instead of buying expensive treats at the store, create breath-freshening natural biscuits at home with things like mint, coconut oil and bone broth. You'll end up with treats in fun shapes that will make you smile the next time your dog tries to give you good morning kisses on your cheek.

9. Baby Food Biscuits

Even though baby food shouldn't replace a dog's daily kibble, it's perfectly safe to feed to them as the occasional treat. Pick any unsweetened pureed jar of baby food that doesn't use onions and add it to whole wheat flour for a simple dog treat recipe that fits any budget.

10. Sweet Potato Chews

Many major dog food suppliers use sweet potatoes as the main ingredient in their products because they're safe for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Grab a few sweet potatoes the next time you visit the grocery store and slice them into strips lengthwise that your dog can fit between their paws.

Bake them for a few hours to dry them out and you'll create sweet potato chews bursting with flavor. Add a little extra time in the oven to give your dog something crunchy instead. They're all-natural and easy to make, without adding additional ingredients.

Have Fun Experimenting

Enjoy some time in the kitchen this week by experimenting with these dog treat recipes. Your pup will love taste testing the results and you'll love spoiling them while saving money.

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